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A girl’s guide to American sports // From a girl that knows nothing about American sports

With some MAJOR NFL teams signing up to playing more games at Wembley Stadium next year, and with the Brooklyn Nets Vs Atlanta Hawkes playing in the O2 in January, it’s clear that we are looking at a serious US SPOWWWWTS TAKEEEEEOOOOVVEERRRRRRRR.

Take it from me, the US sportswear-inspired streetwear trend is not going ANYWHERE for the foreseeable future ( I’m typing this scowling at the weather and dreaming of going to work in a cheerleader outfit – TOO FAR? Not enough) and well into next summer, so it’s about time we manned-up and found up what all the fuss is about.

MINOR problem… I know nothing about sports and it would be akin to Paris Hilton writing a brief summary of the offside rule. BUT I DO know clothes. So sod the rules and regs, here is the kicks and ‘slebs guide to American spoowwwwtts.

NFL (National Football League)


Let’s break it down: Cheerleaders, shoulderpads, gold helmets (shazam) and MAJOR entertainment; think Beyoncé at the Superbowl who managed to blow the leccie with her Destiny’s Child reuinion, and Gene Simmons casually trundling on to sing the national anthem. NOT KIDDING.Patriots Cheerleaders

Four quarters, lots of stopping and starting, and when they play Rihanna something good has probably happened. For 2014 the Raiders vs Dolphins are signed up for Wembley which will be HUGE (yeah; I know stuff).

Choose your team (based on colours or comedy player names ideally) and stock up on vintage football jerseys from the likes of Urban Outfitters to wear oversized with skinny jeans (big top/skinny bottoms, you know the rules) and team bobble hats now for a bang-on-trend 90s streetwear look.

NBA (National Basketball Association)

Two words: SPACE JAM. You with me? Course you are.

Very tall men, excellent footwear, shooti’n hoops. Celebs in floor seats, (the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where Larry David trips Shaq remains one of my favourite moments in TV history. In fact, screw this post –  just watch it now:

Michael Jordan. Responsible for a massive resurgence in high tops. Note: Nike Blazers remain Le Blow’s hi-top of choice but lest we forget that Converse All Star boots are a  basketball sneaker, eh?

Mesh vests – trust us, these’ll be a BIG look for summer. So maybe we’ll keep it to a cheeky pair of Jordans for this winter. Freezing to death by commitment to mesh is NOT the way to go.

Rihanna NBA finals -

MLB (Major League Basketball)

Take me out to the ball game. Or just bring me back a cap, yeah?

Probably the most recognisable game for merchandise, with the New Era fitted cap being the official cap of the sport. That LA emblem you’re rocking on your snapback? DODGERS. NY?? YANKEES BABES. Without knowing it you’re probably already flexing some official merch.

celebrity hats p-diddy-and-los-angeles-dodgers-hat-gallery

Kiss Cam and Dancing Homer. Raglan sleeves, CORRNNN DAWWWWGSSSS.

The oversized Baseball jacket – a STAPLE 90s streetwear wardrobe item. Baseball shirts are also a pretty strong look (it’s all about the stripes) and slightly more weather-suitable – wear oversized with brrrrrrrr legs a la Miley for dressed-up dressed-down hotness.


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