Leopard print PPQ RULE Style Bike

Best of British // RULE Bikes: supremely stylish bespoke bikes built by ex-Royal Marine Commandos? Ooh.

Aha! Just when you thought our Best of British section was only going to be about heritage clothing brands (and menswear ones at that, if Amy had her wicked way…), we go and throw a curve ball ‘atcha in the form of a newly launched Brit brand that is currently, as they say in fashwan, like totes hot right now…

PPQ RULE Bikes catwalk

Heard of RULE Bikes? Nope, nor had I. That is until London Fashion Week, and namely the PPQ show. Aside from the gawjuss clothes and models, I was unusually taken with the stylish set of wheels accompanying the models down the catwalk.

PPQ RULE Bikes catwalk logo

Unusual for me, as unlike our Jude, I’m not cycling crazy, and have NEVER got excited about a bike before (excluding the first time I saw E.T. and THAT bike scene, natch. Oh, and the first time I rode a Boris Bike… for all of ten seconds).

It was the first time in the history of London Fashion Week that bicycles had EVAH appeared on the catwalk and ever since then, RULE has been firmly on my ‘Cool Britannia’ radar – and I hear tell they’re acquiring a steady number of sleb fans, too *cough* Caroline Flack, Meg Matthews, Lisa Snowdon *cough*

RULE Bikes website

The Style bikes are the creation of Exeter-based British lifestyle brand RULE. Super slick and ultra stylish, they are the cycling equivalent of getting a tailor-made outfit or customising your ownNIKEiDs.

That is, each RULE Supreme bike is a custom design – YOUR design – from trillions of possibilities. They not only ride well  – really (wheelie?) well – but look shit-hot, too. They do, in fact, look designer.

RULE bikes

People were literally staring and pointing when I took a RULE Supreme Style bike for a spin.

Now, that could be because a) my dress was tucked into my knickers or b) I was horrifically out of beath but more likely it was c) these bikes are total visual eye candy – my steed was WHITE LEOPARD PRINT, FERCHRISSAKES!

Leopard print PPQ RULE Style Bike

And not only that, unlike, say, a pair of Louboutins which look killer but also are also painfully killer to wear, RULE bikes take you for a very comfortable ride…

Now, aside from the bikes themselves being things of beauty, the reason why RULE are in our Best of British section is because they undeniably are. Hear this:

Each bike is hand-built  in Devon, to military precision. No, literally:
RULE bikes are made by a team of ex-Royal Marine Commandos *must resist all ‘fancy a ride?’ puns at this stage*, overseen by Capt S Scullion RM RTD.
His team take quality ve-ry seriously, to ensure all bikes are built to the highest standard, and then personally signed off on your ownership certificate, by him *swoon*

multi coloured RULE Style Bikes

As well as employing ex-Marines, RULE donates 10% of all profits to The C Group charity, which supports injured Royal Marines, the bereaved and other Marines in need.

All of the bike components are designed in Devon, and 90% of their direct suppliers are British, too.

PPQ RULE Bike close up

In fact, the RULE ‘mission statement’ (remember those from school?!) is based on their emblem – The Swan. They say:

A British icon: timeless, robust, simple, strong, elegant, beautiful and handsome, just like our bikes.

We say: “Damn right!”

Adam Houlding RULE BikesPicture by Alex Walton // source: exmouthjournal.co.uk

Adam Houlding, the clever clogs behind RULE, relocated from London to Devon a year ago to set up the company:

RULE Supreme’s ethos is to bring back the sartorial elegance, comfort and high quality that seems to have been lost in modern day pedal bikes; all go-faster stripes, hydraulics, and seats you can shave with.

We are proud to bring a new and stylish element into the British bike and fashion industry; equally proud to be able to support Devon, independent retailers, the local community, especially those that have given so much.

PPQ RULE Bike red and gold

RULE Bikes totally tap into the current trend for customisation and creating something unique; something bespoke. And the prices are affordable, too. OK, so the PPQ Limited Edition Supreme Style Bikes are pricey – around £1,200-£1,500. But well worth the investment, if you can.

And excitingly, RULE have announced a cracking (sorry, sorry) Easter treat: for a limited time only, bike prices start at just £375. Head over to the RULE website to start building your bespoke bike – you can choose your own frame, colour, seat, gears, fittings and accessories. Go crazy!

RULE bike red white

And want to know something else? The customer service is TOP NOTCH. The RULE team keep you updated on the progress and whereabouts of your bike and coordinate the delivery, it has to be said, like a military operation (thanks to the marines, no doubt *double swoon*)

That’s probably a good thing, too, as your bike will be delivered in a ginormous box that’s 2 metres long (AKA the actual size of my flat), but it’s ready to ride from the offset. I was also worried about my bike being nicked – understandably so, right? – and was immediately sorted out with reasonably priced lock that Houdini couldn’t pick.

And to us, that’s what British brands should be about.

No – not being able to pick locks *sigh* but being quintessentially British with their products, service and style – with a good dollop of charm and wit. And RULE Bikes, well, rule at that.

Visit RULE and build your own bike at rulebikes.com

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