Blow Out (and about) // ‘Can’t Buy me Love’ Vintage Market Jumble Sale

Who: ‘Can’t Buy me Love’ Vintage Market Jumble Sale
What (it says on the flyer): Vintage + Records + Clothes + Cakes + Books + Zines + Jumble + Art+ Crafts and MORE + DJ’s In the Bar.
Where:The Boogaloo, 312 Archway Rd, London, N6 5AT
When: Saturday 26th March.

I went to a jumble sale last weekend in my local church hall. I was well excited. I had high expectations of nabbing wonderful vintage finds for pennies, in a utopia of categorized tables run by lovely old ladies who had gotten their hair set especially. I was wrong.

I was greeted by a snarling woman who I think might have been my Brown Owl from when I was in the Brownies. She demanded I pay her 60p to enter. Not a problem, except she made it sound like a fine and inspected the 50p and 10p coin I handed her as if it needed some serious maths doing before letting me in bolshy doorman style.

Inside there were old school dinner tables piled high with mashed up junk like orthodedic special shoes, pee stained men’s M&S trousers with elasticated waist bands, and a cardboard box of broken show tune records. There were people pushing each other to fight over the avalanch of junk which got stired around grudgingly by the moody helpers on their phones. I gave up and thought i’d just buy a few beautifully iced homemade cakes. Nope, all they had was instant coffee with UHT milk and some packets of blue stripe custard creams. I flew out in a traumatised fit of rage.

To get over that nasty experience I’ll be heading down to the vintage market and jumble sale run lovingly by team ‘Can’t Buy me Love’. They hand pick people to showcase their handmade and vintage jewellery, crafts and things on a number of stalls. They also have a mixture of selected jumble, vintage clothing, bric-a-brac and homewear so you can pick up vintage finds as well as good quality jumble for next to nothing. DJs Jody Porter and Petticoat Lane will be busting out the Rock and Roll tunage. These guys hold monthy events so check their website for details. Entry is Brown Owl Bouncer free as well as actually free.

– Jude Brosnan

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    Hello Jude,

    I just came upon your blog by way of Can’t buy me Love’s facebook post. I was selling last week at the CBML fair in The Boogaloo so thank you for the kind and supportive comments there. Great words too on the unfortunate experience you had at the battle axe Jumble sale. Unfortunately for every treasure trove and pleasant boot sale there are several overpriced and unlovely halls of disappointment. Brilliant writing and common sense economic criticism. Well done!

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    Hey Suzie, thanks for the props! We love a good rummage looking for vintage stuffs so let us know about future events and stuff.

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