Prince Purple Rain film

Blow out (and about) // Film screenings at The Yard (cult movie classics AKA films everyone needs to see before they die)

Who: The Yard Theatre
What (it says on the flyer): The Yard is being turned into a cinema. We’re offering a new film experience by hosting the brilliant Rooftop Film Club.
Where: Queen’s Yard, Hackney Wick, London, E9 5EN
When: Weekends 8pm, weekdays 7:30pm £9

The Yard film screenings

I have a bitter sweet feelings towards Prince. On the one hand, I love his style, music, dancing and am in unity with his (I’m assuming) annoyance at being referred to as ‘pint sized’. Pints are massive, come ON.

On the other hand, Prince is solely responsible for me receiving the beating of my life. It was the early ’90s, I was probably wearing Global Hypercolour, I had borrowed/ stolen my brothers red Sony walkman which I was not allowed to touch and was listening to Prince’s Sign O the times album whilst sunbathing in the garden. After a whole day of frying myself I went indoors to find that the sun had turned the Walkman pink. Hence the beating of my life.

Prince Purple Rain film

When I received an invite to go and see Prince’s 1984 film Purple Rain at The Yard, I thought long and hard. Yes, it would probably bring on Vietnam style flash backs of that 1991 Summer day that in retrospect was more of a light pummeling than an actual beating – I’ve lead a pretty sheltered life and am more inclined to take flight than fight.

I actually really love the film and am sort of working on writing a spoof song to the tune of Purple Rain called Walk of Shame. You can’t copy me because it’s here, on line in this post, dated. All I have so far is ‘something something something f*%k it, put your knickers in your pocket’.

Aaaaaanyway The Yard Theatre are showing films courtesy of The Rooftop Film Club from Wednesday 29th February to Sunday 25th March. It’s billed as ‘probably the only warehouse-cinema in London’. They do food and the bar is open before and after the film so you can make a night of it and get your dance on after.

The Yard bar film screenings

Full Programme:
WE 29th Feb: Reservoir Dogs
TH 1st March: Cocktail
FR 2nd March: Back to the Future
SA 3rd March: Labyrinth
MO 5th March: Ghostbusters
TU 6th March: Breakfast at Tiffany’s
WE 7th March: Pan’s Labyrinth
FR 9th March: Purple Rain
SA 10th March: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
SU 10th March: Requiem for a Dream
TU 13th March: The Bodyguard
FR 16th March: The Lost Boys
SA 17th March: Top Gun
SU 18th March Weird Science
TU 20th March: Dirty Dancing
WE 21st March: Senna
FR 23rd March: The Big Lebowski
SA 24th March: The Goonies
SU 25th March: Cool Runnings

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    Er, I’m all over this shizzle, but I might have to buy a season ticket as I CAN’T! DECIDE! WHICH! FILM! TO! SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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