Denise Lewis Rankin Life In My Shoes

Blow Out (and about) // Life in my Shoes charity exhibition ft. Kate Moss and Denise Lewis

What: Life in my Shoes exhibition ft. Kate Moss
When: June 25th – July 5th 2013, 24/7
Where: Outside on the Riverside Walkway on London’s South Bank
Getting there: Nearest Tube – Waterloo
£££: FREE!

Kate Moss Rankin Life In My Shoes

Kate Moss is the main attraction in a thought-provoking new exhibition outside on the Southbank. The exhibition, part of Body & Soul’s Life in my Shoes campaign, which aims to raise awareness and empathy for young people living with HIV.

The picture of Moss, taken by Rankin, is exhibited alongside images of supporting celebrities including Denise Lewis and Christine Ohuruogu, as well as striking portraits of young people living with HIV. I also like the fact that the exhibition is outside, and Mossy’s nipples appear to reflect this.

Denise Lewis Rankin Life In My Shoes

“HIV is not something that should provoke hatred” says Moss. “Coping with a positive HIV diagnosis is hard enough without having to manage the fear and judgement of the rest of society. I am proud to be part of the Life in my Shoes exhibition which helps raise much needed empathy and understanding around HIV.”

I’ve been really ill recently. The doctor at first thought it was glandular fever. When my tests proved negative, he actually asked if I could have come into contact with HIV, as my symptoms were so similar. I was shocked, to say the very least (and I hadn’t, if you were wondering), but it certainly put the virus at the forefront of my mind – and what would life would be like if I was HIV positive. I must admit, my limited knowledge around HIV was mostly gleaned from Mark Fowler contracting the virus in Eastenders c.1991.

Life in my Shoes is a powerful multi-platform campaign that challenges the fear and misunderstanding that surrounds HIV. For more info, visit

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