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Blow Out (and about) // Spend St Patrick’s Day with The Commitments (what could be more irish than that?)

It’s that time of year again: St Patrick’s Day, a blessing and a curse. Blessing? Guinness. Curse? Guinness hats.

The Commitments group shot

The film The Commitments was a pretty big deal in the early 90s. I thought I was a pretty big deal for watching it even though I didn’t have a clue what it was about. The thick Dublin accents, the swearing, the sexual content all went over my nine year old head. Having revisited this classic in my adult years I can confirm that it is still a wicked film.

The Commitments still

Roddy Doyle’s tale of a group of unemployed Dubliners who get together and form a soul band has a killer sound track with songs such as Mustang Sally, Chain of Fools and Try a Little Tenderness to name a few.

As this film celebrates it’s 21st Birthday which just so happens to coincide with St Patrick’s night, The O2 London are staging  a concert with the Stars from The Commitments on Saturday March 17th at 6.30pm.

The girls from The Commitments

If you can’t make it to The O2 check out my St Patrick’s post from last year to see where to get a great pint of the black stuff.

Or, get the DVD of The Commitments, a supermarket six-pack of Guinness and play ‘Spot The Corr’ as Andrea, Sharon, Caroline and the boy all feature. I’m sure you can make up a world of drinking games with this film.

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    Great movie. It is always the St. Patrick’s Day movie at our house. We don’t always watch it: depends on how much slack my wife is wiilling to offer. My son and I love it but my wife gets testy when the volume is (what she calls too loud) adequate. Pretty funny, since she’s a fiery red Irish chick and I’m only Irish by marriage. I’m happy to run across this page; good to know that a movie as truly good as ‘The Commitments’ still gathers fans.

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