Brave new sounds to impress your mates with

Bored with glo fi, over witch house? Wanna know the latest phoney sounding genres to drop when you’re on the decks (aka iPod duty) this weekend?

Well look no further! Open your minds and impress your friends by throwing some sea punk, chip tune or shrub core into the mix. Here’s a simple guide so you can explain your bizarre and unrelated musical choices at the same time as yawning, in the well-practised style of a smug hipster.

Sea punk

Just take a moment to think about how many crisp packets and old mobile handsets we’ve thrown on landfills. We never recycle our tea bags and who really drives a Toyota Prius (except Gwyneth)? Exactly! The land’s about to eat itself and we’ll all be raving underwater. Get a trendy blue-green dip dye, a sea shell necklace and take comfort that old dolphin tattoos are acceptable again (except on Sam Cam). Names to check are DJ/producer Lil Internet, Zombelle and Ultrademon.

Chip tune

Retro, 8-bit tinny bleeps that have been bubbling under for a while now, get on board hipsters before Joe Public (ugh) gets involved. Unicorn Kid and Pixelh8 are nice vague names to mention. Think Nintendo game plonking and repetitive Sonic like bursts of energy. Best to listen to whilst wearing a backpack and eating mixed colour skittles.

Shrub core

Perhaps the most unrefined of all the musical genres. For purists, shrub core was essentially any record that featured vegetation on the album artwork. Brian Wilson’s ‘Vegetables’ (where Macca is actually recorded munching celery) is a seminal influence. New skool shrubists accept records with no album artwork that namecheck shubbery of any kind. Think themes encompassing trees, weeds and unruly bushes. The more root-based, the better.

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