how to style breton stripe top petit bateau

Breton tops are the BEST for transitional dressing

Breton stripes for spring? Groundbreaking (to paraphrase Miranda Priestly).

I mean, they’ve been kicking around for, like, EVA since those frisky French sailors started wearing them in the 1800s. I think my Breton stripes board was one of the first ones I created on Pinterest.

But let’s face it, transitional dressing can be a right ol’ b*tch, can’t it? And there’s summin’ about a classic striped tee that screams sunnier climes, without giving you pneumonia in the process like, say, a little flippy cotton summer dress can do when slipped on too soon.

Repeat after me: JUST BECAUSE IT’S SUNNY DOESN’T MEAN IT’S WARM < more of a note to self, tbh.

Last week, on one of the first proper spring days of the year (marked by the fact I was able to slip on a slinky lightweight jacket and not 700 layers of bag-lady clothing), I busted out my breton stripe top from Petit Bateau to meet blogger gal pal and general sass-pot-about-town Hannah Gale (who also snapped these shots – but smudged eyeliner and lipstick on teeth, alllll model’s own).

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I gave a nod to the 70s (and yeah, 2016 I guess) with cropped kick flares, patchwork bag and star boots.

Having worn long-length skinny scarves non-stop all winter, I’ve moved into jaunty neckerchiefs for spring; I’m really pleased with this cute leopardy number I bought from Pendleton-Snape; all scarves are hand made from vintage fabrics right here in the UK!

how to style breton stripe top petit bateau

how to style breton stripe top petit bateau

how to style breton stripe top petit bateau

Breton stripe top – c/o Petit Bateau
Denim kick flares – Warehouse via ASOS
Neckerchief – Pendleton Snape
Leather patchwork bag – ASOS
Star boots – old ASOS, similar here

Apart from an old pair of flares I chopped up myself (hiyas, wonky hems), this is my first proper foray into the kick flare trend, and I got this pair for, like, £15 reduced from forty-summin’ on ASOS. Pretty pleased with them although the denim is quite stiff (snigger) so probs not the best idea to eat a massive brunch at London Grind *before* posing for outfit pics tbf.

So ‘scuse any signs of a food baby (the avo on toast was delicious btw, and totally worth any #brunchbloat).

Anyway, avert your eyes, if you can, to the super cute anchor button detailing on my top – in copper no less: HOW VERY BLOGGER FRIENDLY!

how to style breton stripe top petit bateau

Slinging on my trusty leather biker jacket over the top, I was pretty pleased with this outfit combo – it was perfect for running (OK, walking at a brisk pace) around London for the day of meetings I had planned – and let me tell you, that jacket was taken on and off aprox a bazillion times, thanks to the annoying combo of changeable British weather and TFL temps.

Also gotta give a shout-out to the just-right thickness of the top: not so thin that you can see my bra followed by my rock-hard nipples because dayum it’s  effin’ cold guyz, but equally not so ridiculously thick that I work up a sweat if I so much as blink.


how to style breton stripe top petit bateau

So, Breton stripe top – how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

  • For pairing with a black biker jacket, high waist mom jeans and mono Cons a la Alexa.
  • Layering under a floral print slip dress for 90s Drew Barrymore kookiness *peace sign emoji*
  • Add a baker boy hat, lashings of eyeliner and patent pointed flats for 60s Beatnik vibes.
  • With a (shoulder-robed) mac or blazer and shiny loafers to scream sassy business woman of the world.
  • Go for a black stripe (controversial) plus leather-look skinnies and a red neckerchief to rock things up.
  • The perfect partner to a full, A-line, midi-length skirt BECAUSE YOU ARE LIVING THE CARRIE BRADSHAW DREAM.
  • With a scruffy top-knot and ANYTHING for Sunday strolls and general cba casual cool.
  • With denim cut-offs, Birks and a lil’ straw hat in the summer for Riviera chic.


Maybe I’ll do another post executing all the above looks (not at the same time, obvy) for some how-to inspo – whadd’ya think? How are you dressing for this pesky transitional weather?

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