Don’t look a fright on Halloween night // Ten tricks (or treats) to vamp up your look

This is how Halloween goes for me: I spend an afternoon stuck indoors battling with a glue gun, cutting out cat ears, sticking them to a headband and stuffing a pop sock to make into a tail. Then I go to a party and am confronted by girls in sexy, skin tight velour fur trimmed cat suits that they have bought offa eBay. In their false eyelashes and perfect makeup, they make my face paints and Blue Peter-esque outfit look well special needs.

If you want some Halloween style bits to wear whilst you are hunting, gathering and making your amazing imaginative outfits here are some pieces that you can rock.

1. Lazy Oaf. Bones Box Dress, £55

Lazy Oaf Bones

2.Tatty Devine’s Batmosphere Single Drop Necklace, £33

Tatty Devine Bat necklace

3. Nails Inc – The Serpentine Nail Polish, £11

The Serpentine nail polish4. Tee & Cake @ Topshop – Bat Tee, £20

Topshop bat T-shirt

5. Urban Outfitters – Truly Madly Deeply Cobweb Cut Out Tee, £30

Urban Outfitters cobweb T-shirt

6. Office – Batman Converse, £50.99

Batman Converse

7. Accessorize – Incy Wincy Spider Brooch, £7Accessorize spider brooch

8. ASOS – Ashish Sequin Skeleton Top, £440

Ashish sequin skeleton top

9. Alexander McQueen – Classic Skull Scarf, £165

McQueen skull scarf

10. Vivienne Westwood – Skull & Orb Gloves £39Vivenne Westood Skill gloves

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    LOVE that UO cobweb T-shirt!

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      I know. Wonder how many items of my clothing I will ruin getting scissor happy in an attempt to create that look.

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        Make me one! Make me one! Make me one!

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    ah if only I had a spare 440 quid in my back pocket for the Ashish top I’d be sorted!

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      Are there matching skeleton trousers? You’d have to go the whole hog and wear them both, like a suit, eh?

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