Le Blow L'oves L'Trimm

Hippity hot-to-trot // We L’ove 80s Miami bass duo L’Trimm

These girls are SOOooo frickin’ adorable:

Le Blow L'oves L'Trimm

They are Lady Tigra and Bunny D and they met when they were dancers in their early teens (in da 80s) and took female emcee-ing by storm. Their fashion vibe is very Hilary offa Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Check out their song Cars That Go Boom about their love for subwoofers, above.

If you want to hear more of their accents ‘twalking’, listen to this interview:

The bit around 2:50 where they talk about adding the ‘L’ in their name to sound French is EXACTLY how our Le Blow naming meeting went, dancing included.

This is what happened when Jay-R mashed their track up with Gary Newman and The Beatles:


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