Nat Wall House of Fraser #SecretStylist

Playing #SecretStylist with House of Fraser

As you’ll know if you read this post (you know, the one where I vowed to blog err’y damn day… oh…), I’m trying to get back into the blogging swing of things in a big way. So that’s why I went to the Sonos music event last Saturday and why, when I was asked if I wanted to play a spot of Secret Santa with House of Fraser, I said HELLZ YEA BOI! (Except I didn’t say it quite like that because I’m a woman in her mid-thirties and that would make me sound like a massive dick.)

ANYWAY. Where were we? Ahh, yes – #SecretStylist with House of Fraser.

So we were basically assigned a blogger and given a budget of £30 to shop the jewellery section on

I was tasked with buying Jade from The Style Rawr a gift and I’m not gonna lie, the first thing I did was filter the jewellery section by leopard print, because I knew anything animal would surely be a winner. However, I also slightly did that thing of sort of shopping for myself, and when I saw a babin’ Biba bangle within my search I snapped it up straight away!

Being a bit of a bohemian lover, I was pretty taken with the dreamy little piece I’d found from one of my favourite iconic British brands from the 60s/70s, and kept my fingers crossed that whoever was shopping for me might also stumble across the Biba jewellery section…

Biba Lara cuff #secretstylist

Flash forward a few days and my little HoF package arrived in the post. I LOLed quite a lot when I opened it to reveal… JUST A BLOODY BIBA CUFF OF MY VERY OWN! {See the Biba Lara cuff, above} Not only did I do a virtual hi-five to my #SecretStylist but congratulated myself on being oh-so psychic as my mystical astrological powers (you know I do weekly horoscopes for Glamour, right?) are CLEARLY on fire.

I’ve since found out that my style sleuthin’ sassy Santa was the lovely Ellis from Ellis Tuesday – so snaps to her for getting my vintage vibes spot on. No mean feat when you haven’t met someone IRL – but praise be to Instagram and #ootd posts, yeah?

In a beautiful iridescent jade green pony skin, my dreamy trinket can be dressed up or down, so I took it for a spin by day, in a 60s beatnik style, paying homage to Biba’s swingin’ London roots:

Nat Wall House of Fraser #SecretStylist

Nat Wall House of Fraser #SecretStylist

Nat Wall House of Fraser #SecretStylist

Cord cap: eBay | Striped polo neck: ASOS | Faux fur jacket: Vintage | Skinny indigo jeans: Zara | Snakeskin boots: TK Maxx

I had the perfect dress to pair my bit of Biba bling with for a night-time look: this lurex vintage maxi which I picked up on one of my charity shop trawls for a couple of quid, in complimentary shades of shimmering green:

Nat Wall House of Fraser #SecretStylist

Nat Wall House of Fraser #SecretStylist

Dress & boots: Vintage | Moon necklace: Etsy

Definitely planning on wearing this heavenly little combo over party season, so shout out to my Secret Santa Ellis for getting my style spot on *thumbs up emoji*

Oh, and if you’re trying to buy a little summin’ summin’ for the gal who (seems to) have errr’ythang, check out these cute lil’ HoF edits for Christmas gifting inspo. Let me know what you think of my looks below – s’the first time I’ve EVER done a proper outfit post!

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    Omgosh, this is beautiful, that colour suits you perfectly! Also, that dress is insane!
    Thanks again for my gorgeous bracelet, Biba Twin Powerrrrrr!

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