Wax on, wax off: Brazilians Vs Hollywoods and the right undies to wear // We speak to STRIP about bikini waxes

Caught by the fuzz? Is the sunshine and ensuing unveiling of pasty, maybe hairy *gasp* legs and impending holidays making you think about the dreaded bikini wax? Tis the season to be hair free, after all.

Are you a bikini wax virgin or don’t know your Brazilian from your Hollywood; your hot wax from your strip wax?

More confusing still, is bikini wax etiquette: ARE YOU MEANT TO LEAVE YOUR KNICKERS ON?!

Le Blow caught up with rock ‘n’ roll wax bar STRIP‘s very own top therapist and trainer Carleigh Rayner to ask her those awkward bikini wax questions…

Bikini wax basics

STRIP Wax Bar and Boutique Chocolate Room

Hi Carleigh. So how long have you been working at STRIP?
6 1/2 years.

What sets it apart from other waxing bars?
Training, professionalism and quality!

  • Every therapist at STRIP has extensive training on both STRIP’s waxing technique and customer care, prior to looking after any clients.
  • Every staff member at STRIP is professional and an expert in their field. STRIP sources the best therapist, uses the best wax on the market (Lycon wax imported from Australia) and insists on only the highest hygiene standards.
  • STRIP also has the most beautiful treatment rooms all of which have a plasma screen for the client’s entertainment.

Getting waxed can be MEGA embarrassing for the client – how about you?
I have had some sort of bikini wax since the age of 12! I lost the embarrassment factor years ago.

What’re the right undies to wear for a wax?
Any professional salon should supply you with disposable underwear for bikini waxing (not for Brazilians or Hollywoods – unless you feel really uncomfortable).

To guarantee the perfect Brazilian, however, I would recommend you go without underwear for the treatment.

OK. What about showering beforehand? What if I’ve had to come straight from work? *panics*
Professional salons such as STRIP will supply you with sanitising wipes and sanitising hand gel in the treatment room (and leave you in peace to change and freshen up prior to your wax!)

Any tips for making it hurt less?

  • Wax regularly. I would recommend every 4 weeks
  • Avoid waxing the week prior to your period
  • Always insist on hot wax being used on any sensitive areas
  • How long does hair need to be for waxing? Should one *ahem* trim before waxing?

Hair should be around 4mm to achieve a great wax. Don’t trim before your appointment, your therapist should do it for you (your therapist trimming is a safer option and she or he will know exactly how long the hair should be).

STRIP wax bar

What’s the most popular wax you’re asked for?
Brazilians – by far the most popular.

And men… back, sack and crack… REALLY?!!
Yes really! Becoming more and more popular by the week!

Sheesh. Hot wax Vs strip wax: what’s the difference?
Lycon Strip wax is has a hotter melting temperature  than Hot wax and is applied very thinly to cleansed/dry skin and removed with paper or cloth strips. It is ideal for larger areas such as legs and arms as it gives fast, efficient results.

Lycon Hot wax has a very low melting temperature and is applied thickly to cleansed/oiled skin. The wax then shrink wraps around the hairs as it dries ensuring all hairs are removed from the root when it is removed.

Because pre wax oil is applied to the skin prior to waxing when the wax is removed it does not pull on the skin. No pull on the skin makes for a more comfortable and safer treatment for the client. (No bruising or skin being removed!)

STRIP use hot wax for all sensitive areas: all bikini area waxes, underarms and face.

Ingrowing hairs are bastards, aren’t they? Any tips for avoiding the pesky little blighters?
Exfoliate! I would suggest a scrub or STRIP’s own buffing cloth for larger areas such as legs, arm and backs.

For smaller more intimate areas I would suggest using an ingrown hair product daily such as Lycon’s Ingrown X-it. This product has active ingredients such as salicylic acid and lactic acid which will ‘eat away’ at the dead skin cells and unclog the pores to give a deeper exfoliation.

All exfoliators should be followed by a good moisturiser suited to your skin type.

So. How long before my holiday/special occasion should I get a wax?
48 hours prior is fine. This will allow more than enough time for any pinkness to disappear. Make sure you book your spray tan after the waxing appointment though!

Waxing is better than shaving because…
…waxing removes the hair from the root. This results in smoother skin, a cleaner look to the skin (no dark shadow) and much longer time hair free.

And finally. Do YOU wax? Who does yours?!
Of course! I wax everything! Legs, bikini, underarm, arms, eyebrows. I am a strong believer in practise what you preach.

As I’m the trainer at STRIP I often use myself as a model for training. So, just about every therapist that works or has worked for STRIP has waxed me at some point.


Well, that’s us convinced, how about you? Stay tuned for Part Two, when Le Blow gets buffed with a bikini wax at STRIP! *gulps*

To book an appointment or find out more about STRIP’s products and services visit stripwaxbar.com

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    Great article. I just find the whole thing so awks and the place I normally go to doesn’t do the whole freshening up thing. I know right! Look forward to seeing the review of Strip and have a feeling I might become a new customer…

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