Cher's outfits in Clueless tartan skirt suit

It’s an Alaia… An A-whatta? // Every outfit Cher wears in Clueless in 60 sweet seconds

I remember there was uproar, yes, genuine uproar when Clueless, the teen film of dreams, reached a suitably adolescent 15 years old two years ago.

Yes, the film we loved more than hair mascara, Jared Leto and Impulse body sprays – combined – is now older than the majority of The Babysitters Club. Can you IMAGINE.

So say hello to this YouTube clip those mid-afternoon office slumps or rainy Sunday afternoons were surely invented for.

A whirlwind of all things from the decade we presumed fashion forgot (apart from Geri Halliwell’s Union Jack Brits dress, obvs), this 60 second clip is a veritable fashion frenzy of the complete range of outfits Cher showcased throughout Clueless – and we all seriously coveted during those tender teenage years.

Almost as much as we wished Josh, aka Paul Rudd, was our half brother.

Cher's outfits in Clueless tartan skirt suit

Well. You can guess what happened next…

Sure we can, Chezza.

Body con, more plaid than you can shake a tartan stick at, faux fur, sheer, lycra, colour blocking… it seems that as Clueless celebrates its sweet 17th, we’re keen to celebrate Cher’s wardrobe once again.

Cher's outfits in Clueless

Did you know that Calvin Klein re-issued the iconic white dress Cher wore on that all important first date with Christian? And as for the sheer shirt worn to protect her modesty, hello half the range of fashion leaders Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal and American Apparel!

Clueless Cher's white date dress

I’ll point to Alexa Chung with reference to Cher’s knee high socks and anything by Hervé Léger for some serious bodycon action.

Now, whilst I’m not suggesting that there is a direct reference from the film to these fashions (or is there…?), there’s something quaintly romantic about dressing in a style you savoured at such an impressionable age – and for second hand clothing with a twist, perhaps when you next buy vintage, it will be from an era you, as opposed to just your parents, remember the first time round.

A word of advice though – stay away from anything worn by arch enemy, Amber.

Do you prefer ‘fashion victim’ or ‘ensembly challenged’?



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    I couldn’t love this ANY MORE. Must watch that film for the 569759675986986th time reeaaalllllll soon. And dress like Cher for work next week. Yup.

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    Totes clueless

    Don’t judge me, but: I HAVE NEVER SEEN CLUELESS. Should I? From the looks of the outsits, it would seem yes?

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    Need a plaid (as the yanks say) skirt suit in my life IMMED X

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    “You’re a virgin, who can’t drive” continues to be my most favouritist quote, like, ever.

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