Like penis and fart jokes? Good ‘cos Beavis and Butthead are back.

Oh, MTV. We’d all but given up on you. You once entertained us with hours of hyper-colour music videos and cruelly replaced with endless series of My Super Sweet 16 – where no one is sweet and even fewer are 16 – before brutally introducing the world to Snooki’s gherkins (scarring). Soon a general shitstorm of visual and mental diarrhea besieged us, none of which could even be described as a distant relative to the ‘music video’ of which you base your ENTIRE CHANNEL’S NAME. Oh and while we’re on this tangent rant, why do you block anyone outside of America from viewing any of your decent online content? Arghrgiasuhocdijxno.

Anyway MTV, these gripes can wait for a later date (mmm rhymey). You’ve taken a step in the right direction by bringing back Beavis and Butthead, and a new series nonetheless, so er, fanks. Will it be what it once was? This trailer certainly points to ‘like um, totally. Huh-huh’.

Beavis and Butthead airs from tomorrow on US MTV and God knows when in the UK. Can anyone enlighten me? Even though we’re several hours ahead of the Americas, England’s always several months behind telly-wise. Not to get all bad stand-up act on you here but WHAT IS DAT ABOUT? In case we’ll be getting that new series about the same time we see our kiddies make grandkiddies, entertain your senses with the new issue of Vice where the loveably moronic duo ‘grace’ the cover. Or go to and check out this shoot with Mike Judge by Terry Richardson. As you can imagine, seminal shit went down. If by ‘seminal’ you infer some pictures were taken and I stole one of those pictures for my Tumblr to then go on to promote said Tumblr, then… correct. Gold star for you. Plus there’s a sexy (not sexy) interview thrown in too. It is good. Are you still reading this? Why?

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