MC Luscious - BOOM! I Got Your Boyfriend

MC Luscious – BOOM! I Got Your Boyfriend // Yeah, you can have him, love…

Someone pointed out to me recently that the 90s weren’t ten years ago anymore.

Where has the time gone? I’ll tell you. It’s been wasted worrying about Pussycat Doll Don’t Cha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me? types stealing my boyfriends.

Have you met Rosalyn McCall? AKA MC Luscious, she had quite a track in 1991 called BOOM! I Got Your Boyfriend.

MC Luscious - BOOM! I Got Your Boyfriend

This video is a stark reminder that those girls aren’t the ones to watch. Check out MC Luscious keeping it real, alternating headbands with caps (peaks up).

She’s rocking it in a midriff top without a Zumba six pack in sight. In this video you’ll see no Pantene advert hair or Barbie-esque long legs coming out of tight stretchy dresses.

Her man stealing reaches a crescendo and gets well orgasmic at 2:13…

Whatever, she can have my boyfriend if I can have her gold statement earrings, double denim and embellished suit ensembles.

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