Henry Holland Pudsey

Pimped up Pudsey Bear // Designers do their bit for charideee

Pudsey Bear group shot

Originally a quick five minute radio clip on Christmas day way back in 1927 Children in Need is now a firm fixture of our childhood memories. The one-eyed bandana-wearing bear Pudsey has been the iconic mascot since 1985.


This year a number of designers have channelled their creativity into designing a collection of one-off Pudseys to be auctioned off for the charity. We at LB especially love the punked up Henry Holland Pudsey and Giles Deacon’s futuristic silver leather Pudsey.

Giles silver Pudsey

Henry Holland PudseyImage credits (detail shots): Kate McAuley

Maybe owning one of these will make up for traumatising me with visions of news and weather presenters dancing around trying to be hip and for me thinking that all cheques were giant.

Children in Need 2011 is on Friday 18th November BBC 1. To bid on a bear, visit the Children in Need website.

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