Python prints, get in my life and stay with me FOREVER

So this week I have mostly been having epic Hollyoaks style gripping edge dramas. About snakeskin…

amy-snakeyNo real prompt for this (other than PMT and the re-discovery of the Chloe A/W’11 show)

It started with the cheeky purchase of snakeskin blouse from Primark (YES PRIMARK), peaking with a slight emotional breakdown in lusting after the Chloe python printed silk dress on Net-A-Porter at a mere £1,850 (so essentially more than everything I own combined. Anyone want to buy my mother?)


It was finally REALISED when H&M’s new telly ad popped up all in my face (in the ad break of Gavin Henson’s The Bachelor I would imagine. Damn you PMT.)  and I found this beauty for £12.99. £12.99! I’ll have three. Just because I can (and because the first two will shrink in the wash BUT I DONT CARE).


And I say ‘I found’. I think it found me. A gift straight from heaven. And thus the world is good again. Kaythanksbye.


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