Luis Suarez of Liverpool and John Terry of Chelsea compete

Smack my pitch up // Kicking racism out of football – literally, in the case of Suarez

I have to be honest with you, I was out most of the weekend and didn’t see any of the matches, forgot to record Match of the Day, couldn’t be bothered to iPlayer it, and am now flying by the seat of my pants in writing this. Let’s see how we get on.

First, the main Premiership weekend results (just in case you missed them like I did).


Everton 2 – 1 Sunderland
Reading 0 – 0 Norwich City
Wigan Athletic 1 – 2 West Brom
Arsenal 3 -3 Fulham
Stoke City 1 – 0 QPR
Southampton 1 – 1 Swansea City
Aston Villa 2 – 3 Manchester United


Manchester City 2 -1 Spurs
Chelsea 1 – 1 Liverpool
Newcastle United 0 – 1 West Ham

The only result I was interested in was the Liverpool one anyway, happy with the draw.

Needless to say Twitter was alive with jokes about the two racists (Terry and Suarez) being the goal scorers; I try to avoid Twitter at those times as it becomes incredibly sanctimonious and childish.

Luis Suarez of Liverpool and John Terry of Chelsea compete

I’m of the mind that both blokes were OBVIOUSLY brainless dicks, both situations were handled dreadfully (Liverpool was very much worst in this instance), and the outcomes were entirely unsatisfactory.

But continually braying on about it forevermore is just as brainless. It happened, regardless of the outcome they’re both marked for life with the tempestuous venom spat in the heat of an ill-educated moment, singled out as intolerant arseholes.#

We know what they did, what they said, we know we feel disgusted by it (although Patrice Evra said himself that he didn’t believe Suarez to be racist – JUST SAYIN’). But dragging it back out every single match just perpetuates hatred and creates further problems.

They’re footballers. They just kick balls around for a very, very comfortable living (the insane wages – a piece for another day) I honestly don’t know what you expect from them. If they jogged out onto the pitch quoting Sartre you’d accuse them of being up themselves.

I’m starting to wonder if places like Twitter and Facebook will only be happy when we bring back town stocks and gibbets. Would seeing Terry and Suarez’s heads on pikes at Traitor’s Gate do it for you?

In these days of social media we are literally NEVER satisfied with the outcome of anything. It’s like married sex (I imagine).

football pie

To sum up: two idiots behaved in the ultimate un-sportsmanlike manner, just as footballers throughout time have done because, bless them, they’re not generally known for being the sharpest or most educated knives in the drawer (read Kevin Keegan’s commentary goofs from last week. WOW.)

Racism has no place anywhere, it’s an ugly outdated pile of shit that spews forth from the brainless and moronic. In the cases of Terry and Suarez, I think it’s time to put their stupidity to bed and try to focus on the good things about football, the things that bring us all together no matter who we are. The camaraderie, the loyalty, the highs and lows, the pies.

Or in the case of all LFC fans including myself, how utterly fucking woeful Liverpool are this season. Good LORD.

If you want to ‘tackle’ me (ha! awesome) about this, you can tweet me using the hashtag #ChrissyYouAreSoRight and then tell me what you think. I’m @EatMyHalo on Twitter, and I’ll be sitting near the bar.

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