OMG Boo Hoo that's a BAD ad campaign

Totes trending: txt spk // AKA #talkinglikeadick

Once the preserve of text, email and your twitter account, text speak or #talkinglikeadick is rife. Heavy rotation of shortened words, spoken symbols and vocal emoticons are now standard slang for adults who should know better.

There’s just something so addictive about hamming it up with your chums, “hashtag: whatevs” which slowly creeps into your everyday vocabulary.

WTF sign

It starts with a simple ‘LOL’, moves¬†onto exclamations of ; ‘confused dot com’ and before you know it, BOOOOOM! You sound like a total idiot (who says ‘boooom’ all the time).

Address the situation by playing conversations back to yourself and seeing if you initiated the text speak or if you are merely showing solidarity with other adults brainwashed by social networking (this is acceptable, you don’t want to sound like the grammar police).

OMG Boo Hoo that's a BAD ad campaign

Think of your conversation as the modern equivalent of ‘OI OI!’ or ‘Wasuuuuuup?!’ and you get the, already dated, idea.

By all means make text speak your default mode but be warned, it will be a #megstotescringe if you ever hear that recording of yourself in the future. Isn’t that right, Alexandra “OK dot com” Burke?

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