CHVRCHES Lauren Mayberry

What’s big in our box // CHVRCHES – Recover

Ooh, it’s like Garbage for 2013!

CHVRCHES (pronounced ‘churches’ – so fucking cool, right?) are a Scottish electro pop trio, made of of two beardy blokes and lovely little Lauren Mayberry, who we’re harbouring a bit of a girl crush on.

She’s 25 but looks about 12, has a sweet yet shouty voice (complete with Glaswegian twang that sounds a bit like *whispers* Avril Lavigne) and a penchant for arty one-eyed make-up.

CHVRCHES Lauren Mayberry

Not only that, she’s got a law degree and a masters in journalism. WHATTA GIRL. That’s why we’ve decided to chop off her male band mates in the pic above. Soz beardy men!

We’re loving the synth-heavy Recover – even if the video is a bit ‘meh’ – and look forward to the forthcoming EP out later this month.

CHVRCHES Recover is out on 26th March 26, with an LP in the pipeline later this year.

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