Coves Wicked Game cover

What’s big in our box // Coves – Wicked Game (Chris Isaak cover)

This is the sort of hip cover we’d like to think we’d do if we ever performed on, say, X Factor or something. And everyone would think we were cooler than a snowman’s knacker-sack.

UK-based Midlands duo Coves have taken Chris Isaak’s 80s classic Wicked Game and injected it with heroin. Or something.

Coves Wicked Game cover

It’s perfect for this time of year where everything seems to get a bit darker (like, literally); a bit more intense. Their dreamy psychedelic version is totally hypnotising and makes you come over all Fatal Attraction.

We can’t wait to check ’em out at the ATP show at the Sebright Arms on 29th October (tickets just £4!).

Download Wicked Game here and for more info go to

Now, I’ve got a bunny boiling on the hob that I must see to… *CUE MANIC LAUGHTER*


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