What’s big in our box // Dizzee Rascal – Goin’ Crazy ft. Robbie Williams

Dizzee Rascal’s linked up with Robbie Williams for his new single Goin’ Crazy. We shouldn’t like this collaboration, but *whispers* we really, really do.

TBH, we’ve been fans of Dizzee Rascal since Flex, and can’t help but love his tunes. Bonkers? Totally. Bassline Junkie? You betcha (“you can keep your ketamine” AKA lyrical GENIUS). Dance Wiv Me? Certainly – if you improve your spelling.

And we have similar feelings towards Robbie Williams. We know it’s a bit naff to like him, but Take That formed part of our yoof, ergo Williams is a bit like watching our embarrassing uncle, dancing at a wedding. While we smile fondly, we’re cringing slightly inside. Still would, though. (Robbie Williams, that is. Not our uncle. We’re not from the Deep South of America.)

Robbie Williams and Dizzee rascal - Goin' Crazy

We probably shouldn’t even like the mods ‘n’ rockers-themed video, because OMG! Robbie has dared to dress like a mod! But it’s all a birrova larf; the pair are riding on mobility scooters though the streets of Hackney (Beck Road, to be precise), flanked by OAPs for chrissakes.
[This, BTW, has now replaced Goldie Looking Chain’s Guns Don’t Kill People (Rappers Do) as our favourite music video featuring mobility scooters.]

Robbie Williams and Dizzee rascal - Goin' Crazy

We’re still trying to work out why Robbie’s parka is emblazoned with a hand painted dedication to the much-missed now defunct file-sharing mecca Megaupload. Dizzee Rascal also mentions Megaupload in his lyrics AND Kim Dotcom himself tweeted:

Robbie, I love the Megaupload jacket! Ready for Megabox?

megaupload robbie williams goin' crazy

Intriguing, eh? Unless, of course, we’re just GOIN’ CRAZY. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Goin’ Crazy is out now: GoinCrazyiTunes

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