What’s big in our box // Feathers – Land of the Innocent

Right. I’m a bit pissed off, if I’m honest. Feathers have totally stolen my idea of a cool-looking synthpop girl band. I mean, Jem and the Holograms can’t count cos they were a cartoon, right?

Feathers - Land of the Innocent

If Depeche Mode were all girls, this is probably what they’d sound like. In fact, Texan quartet Feathers supported Depeche Mode at SXSW last week, which is why they’re on our radar.

The desert-based video is a lot like the Spice Girls – Say You’ll Be There one, although MUCH more serious and with fewer kung-fu high kicks. In fact, Feathers look a bit like we do when we arrive home half-cut on a Saturday night, trying to hop around and remove our tights. Only slightly sexier. And without clutching a cold kebab. So to speak.

As with much of the music I post here, you’ll love this if you love: Depeche Mode (well, durrrr), New Order, Human League, Fleetwood Mac and Haim – as well as 80s films like Lost Boys and Blade Runner.

And is it just us, or is she chasing a midget through the sand dunes at 2:20?

Feathers’ debut single Land Of The Innocent is available to download now. Get excited for their album If All Now Here on 15th April.

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