Haim Don't Save Me

What’s big in our box // Haim – Don’t Save Me

Haim. Not to be confused with 80s heart throb (for that is what hot boys used to be called by the likes of Smash Hits back then) and Lost Boys actor, Corey Haim (God rest his soul).

In slightly more uplifting news, we’re talking about Haim the band. Three Los Angles sisters churning out new wave revivalists sounds so addictive, you’ll find yourself humming their whimsical riffs as you check into The Priory.

Haim Don't Save Me

Effortlessly mixing folk with 90s R&B (looks wrong on paper but sounds oh-so right), their debut single Forever was released back in June to rave reviews – and we’re moist with excitement (sorry mum) for the release of their highly anticipated debut album.

Don’t Save Me is another mega catchy serving of pop with super melodic instrumental arrangements and harmonies, reminding us of The Pretenders, Twin Shadow – hellz, maybe even 80s flame-haired schoolgirl Tiffany (but in a very, very good way).

Listen for yourself here, but be warned: you won’t be able to get the chorus out of your head after.

Haim are playing live UK dates this month, kicking off at Glasgow’s Stereo on 11th November and finishing up at Brighton’s Haunt on 18th.

For more ‘fo, check out their website: haimtheband.com/.

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    OMG I love Haim but haven’t a frickin clue how you pronounce their name – any idea? x

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      I say ‘hey-mmm’. As in Corey. But I heard Fearne Cotton pronounce it ‘high-aim’ on Radio 1 t’other day. So Christ knows.

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    Zoe T


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