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What’s big in our box // Lady Gaga Vs Katy Perry – are you applauding or roaring?

Lady Gaga’s back, and don’t we know it; after a hiatus involving her recuperating from a broken leg (and dented ego) in a golden wheelchair, Lady G has got a new single out called Applause.

She’s started a full-on promotional assault by getting naked, wearing no makeup then wearing facepaint and generally exhibiting needy toddler-style ‘LOOK AT ME, DAMMIT’ behaviour.

All fairly ordinary goings-on in the Gaga camp, then, but made all the more interesting as Katy Perry has also got new choonage out, too. Called Roar, it proves ahe ain’t no kitty anymore. Sad meow face.

KP, as expected, has gone full throttle on a promotional assault in America, and releasing teasers of herself attending her alter-ego Kathy Beth Terry’s funeral.

In what some cynics (who, US?) may sneer is a coordinated PR attack, both gals have released lyric videos for their singles ahead of their official release. This is a new-fangled craze, and the modern-day version of song word posters in Smash Hits.

In the same manner of any demanding, bawling baby, we’re trying not to give either of them too much attention, but we’re keen to pick a team. Our verdict changes daily, but so far we’re leaning more to Katy Perry (above) – mostly for the jazzy Ace of Base-style upbeats and the fact the chorus stays in your head FOREVER.

Are you Team Gaga or Team Perry? Let us know below or tweet us @le_blow.

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