What’s big in our box // Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell

You already know we’re feeling Pharrell in a BIG way. (Oh, how we wish we WERE feeling Pharell in a big way!).

And fresh fom his collaboration with hot bots Daft Punk, he’s now popped up on Robin Thicke’s new track, Blurred Lines.

No, we hadn’t heard of Thicke either, but get this: He was a pretty big deal back in the day (OK, THE 90s), penning songs for the likes of NKOTB and Colour Me Badd. he’s also written for RnB divas Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce. Oh yeah, and he’s pretty sexual. For a 36-year-old.

So sexual, in fact, that there are two versions of this video. We’ve (surpsingly) featured the ‘clean’ one here. Cop a look at the uncensored version though, if you want to gawp at bouncing boobies. And goats. And the #THICKE hashtag. Oh, and Pharrell doing this face:

Pharrell in Blurred Lines video

Warning: The uncensored version is NSFW. I know this because I obviously watched it at work. On my 24″ iMac monitor, akin to a cinema screen. When everyone in the world appeared at my desk for one thing or another. *sigh*




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