What’s big in our box // Ronika – Rough n Soothe

We knew we’d like Ronika when we found out her forthcoming EP was inspired by ‘Miami Sound Machine, the reggae influences of Sophia George and the golden years of Rn’B when Mariah Carey and TLC ruled the airwaves’.

Ronika Rough n Soothe

Glam of name and looks, Ronika is from the less exotic shores of… Nottingham. However, she’s got us dreaming of balmy beaches and piña coladas by the shit tonne with this electro disco gem, Rough n Soothe (which is definitely less ‘rough’ and a whole lot ‘soothe’).

In fact, if ya wanna wind it down one more laid-back notch, check out the track remix from London sextet The Hics.

We like the 80s chimes, ‘leccy guitars and bouncy upbeats but are slightly concerned about Ronika’s apparent vegetable fetish: ‘Marrow feels so good!’ she chirrups. What on earth is she doing with it, we wonder?

Ronika’s Rough & Soothe EP is out 22nd April. Pre-order here.

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