wimbledon fashion 2012

Wimbledon 2012 // British brands that give you the SW19 look. Ace!

It’s that time of year when television programming gets messed up because all the BBC want to do is Wimbledon stuff.

I like tennis, what I mean is I like playing tennis. It’s an excuse to bust out the Fred Perry and wear a visor.

Roger Ferderer Wimbledon fashion 2012

I find Wimbledon a bit boring to watch but that mainly because I have a massive Cliff Richard phobia and I know with the British weather being the way it is he could annoy me any second.

I do however like strawberries, which get demoted from a five a day to a calorific dessert with the addition of heap loads of cream – oh and the outfits both on and off the court.

wimbledon fashion 2012

It’s Wimbledon regulation that all players must wear white, however in recent times they have allowed players to customise their outfits with flashes of colour.

This is something that the Venus sisters have pushed to the max with short see though outfits using lace and fringing thus making them ‘alright’ in my Dad’s book.

Ralph Lauren

In 2006 Ralph Lauren re-outfitted all the officials and thankfully kept all the umpires traditionally British and the ball boys and girls in ‘Wimbledon purple’ and ‘Bentley green’.

If you don’t want to look like staff they have other pieces in their tennis range that are far better suited for watching or queueing to watch.Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Woven Shirt

 Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Woven Shirt £130


Rene Lacoste was a Tennis champion in the 1920s whose nickname ‘Crocodile’ due to his tenacity on the court lent itself to the brand’s logo.

I see a lot of guys in Lacoste polos who have no way in hell been near a Tennis court. You can see them too, mostly in bars in Tenerife where they’ll be watching Only Fools and Horses on a loop and eating baked beans on toast.

Aaaaanyway, Lacoste nail the fresh, classic tennis look in their ladieswear every year. See?

Lacoste Tennis Dress £85Lacoste Tennis Dress £85

Fred Perry

Fred Perry was the last British male to win us some Wimbledon bling. He has been busy ever since being dead and making wicked clothes with Amy Winehouse. See why Le Blow loves a birrov Fred Perry here.Fred Perry Tennis Bomber JacketFred Perry Tennis Bomber Jacket £125

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney for Adidas Tennis Dress

Stella McCartney for Adidas Tennis Dress

Stella has been a busy bee of late what with her creations for the Olympics 2012. For this collection Stella took inspiration from the Athena picture of the girl scratching her bum.

And you thought it was all about plastic rain ponchos.

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    If you are talking classic brands here, please dont mention Stella in the same breath

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    men are from Mars

    Question: what’s with all the sexual grunting from the female tennis players? I mean, seriously???

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