nike gold anklet

Are gold anklets in again?

Feeling bold as brass. Around our ankles, that is.

I last wore an anklet round my, er, ankle several summers ago. Make that several decades (shiiiit) ago, in the late 90s.

It was a simple gold chain, though I very much doubt there was any gold within the chain, and I wore it with pride atop my skateboard trainers like the hippy-dippy teen I was (I also wore wooden beads in my hair and tie-dye slip dresses to fully embrace this look).

Fast-forward several hundred years (OK, twenty), and I’m feeling the anklet again. Not for now, in rainy, cold ol’ England, but for summer holidays on sandy shores: me, my basket bag and a dainty lil’ bit of brass adorning my ankle.

I might well have bagged my bling at Argos / Elizabeth Duke / H Samuel last time round (actually, wait, H Samuel have got a nice sturdy 9ct gold number for a nifty here tbf) but this time, my port of call is either Accessorize for a cheapo-may-turn-my-leg-green version reminiscent of my teen dream, or maybe Missoma if a) I’m feeling flush and b) like this trinket trend is a long-term one worth investing in.

Oh, and if you want a Nike anklet like the one in the pic, you’ll have to get a moody one off eBay as they don’t appear to do official jewellery merch. Unless I start a petition?

Anklets. Just do it.

nike gold anklet

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