Saint Laurent have released stiletto rollerskates

Kind of want Saint Laurent’s stiletto roller skates

There’s something delightfully retro and stylish about an old-school roller skate {fashion singular}. As a child of the 80s, roller-skating was seen as being slightly futuristic, and so featured in musicals like Starlight Express (pls bring that back, btw) or Olivia-Newton-John-on-wheels in Xanadu.

My older brothers were in roller hockey teams (squads? Crews? What’s the technical term?) during the 80s and so I learnt to skate at a fairly young age and bloody loved it. Skateboard parks were a thing. I was taken – again, by my brothers – to sit and gawp at the skills on wheels. I now realise I was also taken because, being small and cute, I was a bit of a girl magnet. Hmph.

I regulalrly(ish) post retro roller-skatin’ babes to the @le.blow Instagram account. It may therefore come as no surprise to learn that I’m in the market for a pair of retro skates, and have a search set up on eBay for the perfect(ly) priced pair. The Saint Laurent ones are ~not~ perfectly priced, but they ~are~ killer heels, if you take a tumble in them.

Still, they look as cool AF.

Saint Laurent have released stiletto rollerskates
Saint Laurent classic roller boots

The men’s trainer boot version above is probably ~slightly~ more practical, but the price ain’t (a cool £2k or so), and only available in store.

So, more like eye candy for now. Wheely nice eye candy at that.

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