Nancy and Sid Vicious

Shopping Edit // Modern Punk: 6 pieces for the well-dressed anarchist


PUNK. I mean, is there really anything else to say about the grass roots 70’s explosion, it’s reggae influence, London Vs NY, new wave and everything else that prompted, followed and surrounded it?

Icons like Sid and Nancy, Vivienne and Malcolm, Joey Ramone and Siouxsie all deserve LIKE A THOUSAND (anti) fashspiration columns each.

Nancy and Sid Vicious

Siouxsie Sioux

Such is the sartorial influence of dressing like an outsider that today (YAWN, everyone knows already) Topshop will sell you a ‘woah that’s radical man’ punk T-shirt to state your anarchic allegiance.

At the higher end, the nonconformist ‘fuck-em’ spirit of punk never really dies; it just gets reimagined every season for Fashion Eds to write about. Naturally, now this irony can now be embraced by anyone who likes expensive shoes (AKA Le Blow, voila!)

Be warned. The best punk-influenced shows from AW13 (at various levels of being ridiculously derivative) will shortly bring a fresh PUNK EXPLOSION (again) to your wardrobe. They include Givenchy (black lips, mohair, florals, bikers, oversized tailoring), Saint Laurent (plaid, leopard, loose long knits and fur) and Versace (collars, studs, stripped down attitude).

Cara Delevingne fendi AW13

At base level, true punk style encompasses lo-fi DIY, politicism, buckles, leather, checks, stripes,tartan, pleats, kilts, print clashes, PVC, deconstructed or ill-fitting tailoring and general controversy (think nipples, graffiti, slogans).

‘New’ grown-up punk styling (i.e the punk that modern editorials will try and sell you) is a more refined interpretation on this. A clean, more luxurious, wearable take, if you will. And if that description doesn’t make you gag, refer below to our 2013 modern punk shopping edit immediately…

1.Check, mate

Silk check dress Topshop

Silk check dress, £150, Boutique at Topshop

2. Safety first

Safety pin earringsSimple safety pin earrings, $140, Tom Binns

3. Shoes for stomping

Vivienne Westwood The ClomperThe Clomper, £715, Vivienne Westwood

4. The shape of punk to come

Toga vinyl trimmed cotton cardigan

Vinyl-trimmed cotton cardigan by Toga, £680, Net-A-Porter

5. Judy is a (well-dressed) punk

Checked Zara trousersCheck print trousers, £39.99, Zara

6. God save the tee

Raquel Allegra shredded cotton tee

Shredded top by Raquel Allegra, £220, Net-A-Porter


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