Social media sickness

When did social media become so anti-social?

When did social media become so anti-social?
I’m sick of bots, pods and fake followers. Following then unfollowing. Fake-trolling for attention. I see you. I’m over Insta algorithms. Sick of scheduled tweets and Bloglovin’ links and IFTTT and anything automated.

I’m sad that Twitter’s no longer a place for twittering and conversing but scheduling and slandering.
Facebook being faceless.
That Instagram ain’t so instant any more.

Instagram inception. Instagram deception.

I don’t care if ‘this gal’ has a new blog post and I won’t ‘grab a cuppa’ to read it.
I don’t wanna ‘feel all the feels’ or buy ‘all the things’.
I don’t want to watch a ‘chatty’ vlog continually punctuated with “so yeah”.
I don’t wanna see feet walking along the street or time-lapsed typing.

I’m wasting my life watching someone else live an idealised version of theirs.


Photos shot on scouted locations, far away from where real life takes place. Pretending to be at places just for the ‘gram.

Styled-up looks switched once the money shot is got.
Meticulously matching outfits to backgrounds.
White walls and millennial pink and rose gold and green plants and marble.

Flat-lays looking like works of art. Lipsticks with lids off, rings of stacking rings, plates of food balanced on the bed. Selfies, shelfies.

Food being faffed with for a photo before it can be eaten.
No bite marks, no crumbs, no dirty napkins or tea-stains. Coffee gone cold.
Of “still dreaming about” a meal consumed two weeks ago just because it fits the grid.

Of grumpy, frowny faces mimicking models in an editorial photo shoot – the very concept you were trying to challenge.
Looking to the side, right foot forward, tippy-toed, hand in air like you just don’t care BUT YOU DO.

Click-baity titles creating a content anti-climax.
Sponsored posts on topics that probably shouldn’t be sponsored.
Souls being sold. Mental health issues being monetised.

Reading ‘personal’ posts loaded with affiliate links.
Shouldn’t blogs be ‘personal’ by default, anyway?
Tens of images of slightly differing angles of someone in a single post when a select few would do.

The domino-effect of Insta outfits, the making of an influencer uniform. Tassel earrings and Gucci loafers and longline blazers.

Everyone looking Insta identical.


Gifted designer goods in posts encouraging us to spend our hard-earned on the same.
When all the outfit credits are ‘c/o’ I couldn’t care less.
Blogs being aspirational rather than inspirational. Being glossier than Vogue.
High street taking a back seat.

Brand collaborations that aren’t on-brand.
Seeing the same old crowd instead of genuine, loyal fans.
Working with influencers who’ll play it safe.

Brands being beige not brave.


Influencers. Content.
Words I’m sick of hearing, sights I’m sick of seeing.
I’ve got social media sickness, that’s for sure.
The cure? Time to take myself offline for a while.

I want social media to be social again. To feel like I’m connecting with like-minded souls. To feel inspired, not tired.

I’ve got thousands of followers on various platforms, but the reality is, I’ve never felt so alone.

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    Yes, yes, yes! love this. social media accounts are morphing into magazines, and i stopped reading magazines for a reason. when everything you’re seeing, reading, watching is sponsored it’s completely uninspiring.

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