Le Blow is a UK fashion and lifestyle blog covering the things women in their thirties REALLY care about. Like having spots AND wrinkles. Or being adult enough to have a mortgage yet still wondering what to be when you grow up. THAT.

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Version 1.0
Natalie Wall created Le Blow in 2011 as an online platform for some of her favourite female writers from all walks of the web, most of whom she’d never met IRL, merely exchanged tweets with. A pioneering concept at the time, Le Blow’s team of witty wonder women were doing 90s throwbacks and listicles waaaaay before Buzzfeed and producing sassy female-focused content when the The Debrief was but a de-ream.

Version 2.0
In keeping with Natalie’s digital forecast for 2015, Le Blow developed into a more grown-up, personal site. Wanting yet failing to find a UK-based wellbeing and lifestyle site without all the preachy stuff/presuming you’re a full-time health freak, Natalie switched the focus to the things that matter to her: a 30-something trying to balance working in the ‘always on’ world of digital while attempting to live a simpler, happier life, and dealing with the fact she now seems to be more interested in buying spiralisers than going out and getting shit-faced.

Version 3.0
The last six years have taken Le Blow full circle, with the latest incarnation going back to the site’s editorial roots: focusing on woman in their thirties who might have a mortgage but not a clue about WTF they want to be when they grow up. Some of the original design elements have been reinstated but with a fresh new spin for 2017.

For mindfulness and wellbeing, head to our sister site A Peace of Me.

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About Natalie
I’m, oh shit – must keep writing in ‘third person wanker’ tense.
Natalie is an experienced digital journalist and social media editor, currently working as a creative content consultant for brands. Formerly Digital Fashion Editor at Cosmopolitan and Social Media Manager at Etsy and ASOS, Natalie has spent nearly 15 years (faaaackin’ hell!) working in the weird world of fashion and digital, and knows all too well that these fast-paced industries can get to you if you let ’em (the swines!). See her LinkedIn profile here if you like that sort of thing.

She seems to like the same things she did when she was at high school: Eastern culture and philosophy (OK, so it was Kula Shaker in 1996, but whatevs), suns and moons and other celestial stuff, 60s and 70s style, Fleetwood Mac, creating art (you can see some of her illustrations here), wearing flares, travelling and going to gigs.

Natalie is available for industry talks on social media or live drawing at events – please use the contact form to get in touch or find Natalie on Twitter: @NatWallers.