le·blow [lay-“bl@U]

Le Blow is a fashion and lifestyle magazine style site that tells it like it is. Written by a collective of witty women-in-the-know, Le Blow provides a refreshing read as an alternative to the identikit glossy editorial clones.


1. to fellate So. Who did you have to le blow to get these front row Fashion Week tickets?
2. cocaine Good day to you sir! I’d like to purchase some of your finest le blow.
3. an unfortunate occurance The bar ran out of gin. Which, let’s face it, was a bit of a le blow.
4. to leave These canapés are shit. Let’s le blow this joint.
5. the act of striking Maria suffered a le blow to the head in the altercation over the half-price Mulberry Alexa.
6. to explode Steve’s polyester shellsuit is on fire! It’s about to le blow!
7. expulsion of air I certanly wouldn’t kick him out of bed for le blowing-off.

If you’ve reached this site via Google, in search of numbers 1 or 2 above, then you have encountered point 3 and should refer to article 4 with immediate effect, else we’ll administer point 5. Le Blow is more about this meaning:

To cause to make sound by blowing; a display of anything brilliant or bright.

Yup, that’s us.

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