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Natalie Wall

Trying to keep my yin in harmony with my yang. Compulsive over-sharer; partial to a French Fancy.

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Hello! I wanted to write a post to introduce the new-look Le Blow, and explain WTF gwan. Long-time Le Blowers ~*snigger*~ will know this site started life back in 2011 as a more magazine-y style platform, offering an honest-yet-witty take on fashion, love, life and everything in-between. At the time, there was no editorial offering […]

The £4 fashion update

As I get older, I tend to buy into fast-moving trends less and less. I know my basic ‘fashion formula’ (for me, this is a variation of skinny jeans, western boots and a rotation of band tee, blazer, bohemian blouse or biker jacket) and stick to it. I’m also trying to buy less, but better. […]