Free £10 notes hidden on the streets of London

Free £10 notes hidden on the streets of London

I’m so over the news at the moment. Largely designed to scaremonger and condition us to live fearfully, under the regime of power-hungry, money-grabbing politicians, I find myself increasingly switching off the News at ten, and avoiding red-top rags altogether.

I’ve really started to notice how papers like the Metro essentially do a daily round-up – montage-style – of all the latest ISIS “goss”, collated in a way to make us suspicious and fearful. Not cool.

So, as an anecdote to that, I’m going to try and bring you the NICE news. That is, heart-warming stories about people doing meaningful things. Helping each other out. Connecting with one another. Spiritual shit like that.

Admittedly, today’s story is a leetle bit shady in that it is essentially a publicity stunt by an insurance company but, fuck it. Can you imagine if you randomly found a ten pound note on your way to work, complete with a little note tucked inside telling you to go ahead and spend it? Would certainly put a spring in my step. And I’d like to think I’d ‘pay it forward’ by giving it to a Big Issue Seller, or something.

Anyway, that’s exactly what Beagle Street did today, distributing hundreds of origami dogs made with folded £10 notes on the streets of London, with the stunt to be repeated in other UK cities in the following weeks.

Passers-by who found the hounds were free to pocket the cash, in this random(-ish) act of kindness. The tweets from those lucky enough to stash the cash were pretty feel-good though:

Question is, what would YOU do if you found the money? #RELEASETHEPOUNDS

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