The Manifesto

Five men.
Five sets of varying opinions.
Just add beer (lots of) and a burning issue to discuss (not cystitis, mind) et voila! You have The Manifesto: Le Blow’s guide for girls on what men really think about all sorts of shizzle.

Here’s the men on the Le Blow Man Panel, or ‘Manel’, if you will. We’re keeping them all mysterious and anonymous so a) they can be brutally honest and b) you won’t throw stuff at them or post poo through their letter boxes for doing so…


MAN 1 //

30 year-old journalist who spends his days writing copy and his nights trying to keep his one-year-old daughter asleep for as long as possible.



MAN 2 //

27 year-old fashion writer from east London. Enjoys trainers, house music and burgers. Once went to Lapland to meet Santa. He turned up in an Audi.



MAN 3 //

28 year-old beardy Northerner. Social Media bod. Loves: sneakers, geeky shit and wordplay. Hates: winter and cheese. Recently stopped being single but married in a past life.



MAN 4 //

32 and single. Impassioned freelance copywriter and social media ally (not Jedi). Unhealthy appetite for disco, with even unhealthier DJ fantasies.



MAN 5 //

27 year-old freelance journalist from East London. Thinks about living in France. Only thing dislikes more than UGGs is girls that still wear UGGs after the heel has gone.


Read The Manifesto here.

Got a question for the Le Blow boys?
Email our men and they’ll give it a reet good going over.

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    Dear le Blow Men. Who ARE you?! Reveal yourselves immediately so I can perve, ha ha ha!!! xoxox

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      Oh Zoe. if we told you who they were, we’d have to kill you. Or… you might want to top yourself once you’ve seen the state of them *shakes head*

      Feel free to drop ’em a line at men[at]leblow[dot]co[dot]uk though, yeah? 😉

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    Write more regularly please!!! Also… where/how can we submit questions to the le blow men?? And can we remain anonymous???

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      We’d LOVE you to submit your Man Questions to the boys – send ’em over to men[at]leblow[dot]co[dot]uk and you can totes remain anonymous, Karen. Er…

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