Chrisette Michele

What’s big in our box // Chrisette Michele ft 2 Chainz – Charades

Okaaaaay, *wedding DJ voice* ‘aaaaaannnnnd one for all the lovers out there, pull them in close and grind like you’re working for tips’ (many MANY reasons why my wedding DJ career never took off).

If you like your PM Dawn (oh yes, I went there, baby YOU send me) 90s bump n’ grind then this is THE ONE. And if you don’t? Get out.

Chrisette Michele

We love a birrova wibbly-wobbly vocal and Chrisette Michele hits the spot on this. From the Blue All Rise-esque harmonica intro to the breathy top notes, it takes me back to my old RnB compilations – CD 1: THE BUMP, CD 2: THE GRIND, and this, my friends. Is the grind.

Add into this that Chrisette’s forthcoming mixtape album is named Audrey Hepburn AND every track ON that album is named after an Audrey film, and I’m already a fan for life.

Yeah, I’m a stickler for a gimmick but give it a listen and make your own mind up. This is DEFS one to watch. Er, listen to. Whatever.

Chrisette Michele’s upcoming mixtape Audrey Hepburn is released on 8th December

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