X Factor Union J in onesies

Which onesie should one choosie? // Our pick of the best onepieces in town

I’m writing this wearing what essentially is an adult romper suit.

Nope, I’m not some weird sex fetish loser (although I *do* have a thing for men’s forearms; Patrick Swayze’s being the sexiest EVS), but I’m wearing a onesie. A fleecy all-in-one hooded garment, zipped from neck (to crotch) at the front. And mine might be a cat one. With ears. And a tail. Meow!

X Factor Union J in onesies

I honestly never thought I’d see the day. But as the nights have drawn in and it’s got BLAAAADY FREEZING, the smug snugness levels of being zipped into a fleecy all-in-one garm, hood atop your head, just cannot be rivalled.

I realise they are probably about as sexually alluring as a gently rotting hedgehog but… I DON’T CARE. I’M COSY.

Here’s our pick of the best onesies aroundsie…

Fair Isle

OnePiece fair isle onesie

As seen on One(sie) Direction (and more recently their mini-me band, X Factor’s Union J). The original, and some may say the best. I say definitely the most expensive but you’e paying for high quality cotton here that won’t give you static shocks as you pad around the house.

Nod to OnePiece’s Norweigian heritage with a Fair Isle print onesie. Nordic log cabin and roaring fire not included. Nor are an underage boy band. Soz.

Lillehammer onesie, £149, OnePiece

Leopard print

Leopard print onesie

You know we love the leopard print here at Le Blow. Always have done, always will. #LEOPARDFORLIFE

With that it mind, why WOULDN’T we want to dress like a baby leopard, complete with ears and a tail?

Penelope Leopard Print Onesie, £30, Boohoo

Skeleton glow-in-the-dark onesie

skeleton onesieToughen up what is essentially a baby outfit by gothing up your onesie. Make it black and well scary with a skeleton design WOT GLOWS IN THE DARK.

Note: we know this is a men’s design – we like the slouch factor that brings cos we iz so street.

Skeleton Glow In The Dark Onesie, £24.99, New Look


Rabbit onesie

We like how this one’s been styled with hi-tops, as though you might pop to the newsagent to pick up an emergency tub of Bisto on a Sunday afternoon.

The grey marl fabric sets off the ears a treat, though some might say this is a more lightweight onesie; depends how high you have your central heating cranked up, I guess.

Rabbit ears onesie, £40, ASOS

Cow print

Cow print onesie

Another men’s design (why do the fellas get all the cool prints, we wonder?), but we love this monochromatic moo cow print. You certainly won’t be freezing – just Fresian, heh.

River Island Cow Print Onesie, £30, ASOS


Baroque print onesie

Unleash your inner rude girl with this of-the-moment design *insert ‘baroque and roll’ line here*.

We say: wear with outsize hoop earrings, a jaunty snap-back cap and hi-tops. Make sue you roll up one of the legs a la LL Cool J in the early 90s and you iz be well snug innit.

Baroque tiger print onesie, £30, River Island

So. Is it ok to wear onesies to work yet?

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    Onesie lover

    I *finally* got a onesie for xmas!!!! Just a cheapy from new look but I can now see why people would want to splash out on a one piece onesie……… 🙂

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    I think onesies are a great idea and agreed they are so cosy! I am liking the fact I am seeing more mens onesies online now. Perhaps me and my other half can get a matching pair! How cool would that be?!

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      Le Blow

      That comment smells suspiciously of spam.

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