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// Katy Brown

Katy is a self-confessed shopaholic. Fact. Attempting to work in a Champagne industry on a Cava budget, a few of her favourite things include raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, writing, selling her soul on eBay, feeling equally elated and dismayed that Katy Perry and Russell Brand have found each other, hosting debauched tea parties, pretending to DJ, solely funding East London’s 2 for £5 wine industry, throwing sequin-framed shapes and wearing nothing but lace, leather, leopard print, lipstick and lots of it. See for yourself here.

Katy’s features on Le Blow

// Georgina Langford

George Langford has got an opinion. Lots of opinions. She likes overthinking things, SPF 50, biros, tattoos, rock music and boys who have tattoos and play rock music. Desert island essentials would be hairspray, eyeliner and access to the local library. She dislikes people who don’t read newspapers and who think the Black Eyed Peas are acceptable. Any other questions?@George_Langford

George’s features on Le Blow

// Ruth Crilly

Ten years (and counting!) as a jet-setting model by day and a candle-burning writer by night. Or day. Or whenever I decide to get out of bed. Which I don’t do for less than fifteen quid. Oh shit – am I supposed to be doing this in the third person?

See my website A Model Recommends for the need-to-know stuff.

Ruth’s features on Le Blow

// Jennifer Heath

Jennifer HeathJennifer falls in love with the unattainable, everyday. Men, Chanel handbags, Prada creepers. But she doesn’t believe anything is unattainable, you just have to want it enough.

Her blog Love Getting Dressed is her diary of all the things she falls in love with. Her vintage boutique funds her taste for the ‘unattainable’ Chanel handbags. By day she makes ethical fashion fashionable.

// Kat Strong

Edits digital and dusty footage for BBC bulletins by day. Moonlights as a make-up artist and retro rummager by night. Finds pleasure in glow sticks, sleeping under canvas, Bruce Campbell and milky tea. Two Sugars.

Kat’s features on Le Blow

// Dani Anna

Worra tight bitch!

This single girl in the city is known to be a bit of a social butterfly, count on her to give you a heads up on how to spend your nights in London if you’re not a conformist.

A shoe junkie, a devotee of vintage dresses and a Pinterest addict – check out her visual loves here. You’ll find her mostly sniffing out a bargain; she’ll always have a bleedin’ voucher for something stuffed in her back pocket.

Loves Rockabilly, Come Dine With Me, road trips and has three wishes in life: to have tea with Magnum PI; to buy a fluffy bunny rabbit and call him Elvism and to ban the Comic Sans typeface.

See her money-saving tips here

// Libby Freshwater (Illustrator)

You’ll usually find Libby rummaging through the knitwear sections in every charity shop in Brighton whilst eyeing up the twee trinkets on the top shelf, in the hope that she will find a hideous Grandma cardigan and a china Blue Tit.

Other than that she loves to people watch; draw animals, birds and bald men; the seaside; drinking tea out of her commemorative Prince William and Kate Middleton mug and finally, amongst many other things, dancing her arse off in the sunshine with her commrades! See what Libby’s been drawing and doing of late here.

Libby’s drawings on Le Blow

// Mademoiselle Blow

Who is this elusive Mademoiselle Blow? A fashion-insider who wants to bitch about her boss-from-hell and fashion disasters she spots on the street (as well as vent about her tiresome love life) It’s safer that she does this under the thin veil of anonymity… and she won’t be naming any names…

Mademoiselle Blow’s features on le Blow

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