Sara Thomas of Waiste Vintage interview

Things that make you go Om: Sara Thomas of Waiste Vintage

I’ve been following *cough* style stalking *cough* Sara Thomas on Instagram for some time now – she has the best dress sense EVER. Self-described as an “English Rose with a Gypsy Soul” 26-year-old Sara layers her vintage finds like some sort of Bohemian ninja, with the result a cross between Stevie Nicks and Penny Lane from Almost Famous. Not only that, but her home is as stylish as she is, decorated with decadent gems and trinkets, thrown together in a Bedouin-meets-boudoir way.

The best bit? She sells the vintage treasures she finds through her hugely successful online emporium, Waiste Vintage. I may or may not have bought all my bed linen from there…

Having admired from afar (although turns out we both used to work at ASOS back in the day, so our paths did sort of already cross), I just had to see if Sara’s outlook on life matches her mystical attire… AKA Things That Make You Go Om….

Sara Thomas of Waiste Vintage interview

What is your philosophy or outlook on life?
Wow that’s a big one to start! Well, I do believe that everything is connected; we are all connected and everything happens for a reason. So I believe it’s up to us as individuals to inspire and better each other.

Your bohemian style makes us think you’re into the more mystical/spiritual side of life, is that a fair assumption?
Oh I think so – my mum is actually a yoga and reiki teacher, so I get it from her! I’ve always been in touch with my spiritual side, and I like to channel positive vibes through my style and business.

Sara Thomas of Waiste Vintage interview

Have you ever had a life-changing moment?
I would definitely say that starting Waiste Vintage was my life changing moment. Honestly it’s my dream job, I’m so lucky to be able to be doing a job that I love and that it doesn’t feel like my job. Obviously it’s had it’s ups and downs and I’ve never had a business of my own before so I have no idea what I’m doing (don’t tell anyone). But I’ve learnt so much! It’s my whole life and I love it.

Are you into star signs? If so, what’s yours – and are you typical of your sign?
Yes! I am an Aquarius, which I’ve always thought was completely me! Aquarians are known to be creative, free-thinking and individual, which I feel as though I am, or try to be, at least.

Sara Thomas of Waiste Vintage interview

How do you manage your time when there’s so. MUCH! To. Doooo!?
Honestly, I don’t. I’m the worst time manager/procrastinator there is, which is something I need to work on, and learn to take time out too!

Do you try and eat healthily? What’s your current dish of dreams?
Of course, I’ve found over the past couple of years I’m becoming so much more aware of what I put into my body and treating my body right and I feel so much better for it. I turned vegetarian last year and am slowly trying to cut dairy out too. And sugar! That’s a big one for me to achieve. I love reading healthy veggie/vegan food blogs – Deliciously Ella is one of my faves. I found a recipe for a spicy coconut and kale stir fry online not too long ago, and my boyfriend and I ate it every day for a week it was so delicious!

Sara Thomas of Waiste Vintage interview

Do you do yoga/Pilates/meditation? If so, tell us more. If not, how do you (try) and stay healthy?
Yes I do yoga occasionally (but not enough); it’s more when I go home and see my mum. To be mindful and take a few minutes out to relax, breathe and just be aware in the day is easy to say, hard to do, so I find it important that I do try and meditate in the mornings as it allows me to feel ready for the day ahead. That and eating healthily and walking pretty much everywhere too – I hate the tube!

Read any amazing life-changing books recently? Or is there a book you think everyone should read?
Not recently, I’ve been too busy (sob). I do love reading though and I’m forever making lists of books I need to read. I wouldn’t say it changed my life, but one of my favourite books that I’ve read over and over is I’m With the Band, Pamela De Barres’ memoir. I’ve always wished I grew up in America in the late 60s,early 70s and got to hang out with the kind of rock and roll gods Pamela did; her stories are amazing and she regrets nothing. To be part of a time when rock and roll pretty much first came alive is pretty awesome.

Sara Thomas of Waiste Vintage interview

What does success mean to you?
As long as I’m happy, healthy and I get to carry on doing what I love best – my vintage – that’s when I feel successful.

What’s on your bucket list?
A classic road trip across America is ultimate bucket list number one. The only slight issue to achieving this being that I actually can’t drive, so as soon as I learn, I’m going!

Sara Thomas of Waiste Vintage interview

Song that best describes your life?
Tough question! At the moment, anything by Simon and Garfunkel in my head I’d like to think their songs would be playing as a soundtrack, probably because I have them on repeat at the moment anyway!

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