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Jude Brosnan

‘Looks like she has been covered in pritstick and rolled through Claire’s Accessories’. This is both the nicest and worstest thing anyone has ever said about her.

Cancer Research UK’s Dryathlon // Go dry this January, if not for yourself but for charidee…

Are your liver and wallet still recovering from New Year’s Eve celebrations? Of course they are. January is a painful month spent cringingly reviewing sent text messages that start innocently at midnight with the send to all ‘Happy 2013’ and gradually get drunker and more regretful. The eleventy million pounds thrown on an outfit, entry […]

Christmas gift guide // Five things to get the girl who is always soooooo coooooooolllld

Christmas gift guide So from September till May my catch phrase is: “I’m freeeeeeeeeeeezing”. A bit like Nikki Grahame in BB7: I wrap myself up in multiple layers yet still spend A LOT of time complaining about it being cold. I’m writing this list because I’m terrified that someone is going to buy me a […]