Fashspiration of the Week

(Unexpected) Fashspiration of the Week // Cilla Black had a LORRA LORRA style

We have no idea what’s come over us, but Cilla Black’s been bloody everywhere recently (she must have a book out), and we’ve suddenly realised how effin’ epic her Blind Date wardrobe was. Yeah, it came as a surprise (surprise) to us, too! The stylish Scouser, who played cupid with perm-loving girls and socially inept […]

Fashspiration of the Week // The Hitchcock Heroine

By all accounts, this summer has been a dizzying fashion roller coaster. From 20’s flapper dresses to 60’s mono mini’s and a *WHATEVER everyone’s doing it anyway* rehash of 90’s grunge, there was something for everyone. Except, perhaps the grown-up. The grown-up (yep that’s us, kids) fatigued by ironic designer motifs, skorts and floral DM’s. […]

Fashspiration of the week // Frances Ha’s off-duty dancer fashion

Frances Ha film spoiler alert: It’s a film about friendship, acceptance and growing-up. Amiable girl who can’t afford her rent bumbles between aspirational ballet classes, Brooklyn house parties and boys that are hopelessly into her. A few confidence wobbles are ironed out with a new career direction, building bridges with a friend and the offer […]

Fashspiration of the week // Iggy Azelea meets Malibu Barbie #TrashFash

This week, fashspiration fans, we’re going to take the sun-soaked Aussie rapper-gone-bad, Iggy Azelea and mix her with everyone’s favourite wholesome anti-feminist icon, Malibu Barbie, to get our trash-fash look. Iggy has tracks called Pu$$y and Bounce, is influenced by the South American hip-hop scene and draws sartorial inspiration from Grace Kelly (err really?), Gwen […]