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The ‘right now’ trends that are oh-so 90s

Bum-bags, bucket hats, shellsuits - oh my!

It’s that time of year where spring hasn’t fully sprung and that weird ‘inbetweeny’ weather ensues. Fashion Month has spoken and we know what lies ahead for next season. But, cos’ of the cooler climes, we can get away with wearing AW18 now, so a mish-mash of transeasonal trends tends to occur. Throw into the mix the sub-trends that bubble up from the street and flourish on Instagram’s coolest, plus fashion’s love for all things nineties right now et voila! We have ourselves some micro trends you might recall, as I do, first time round…


Gucci SS18 bum bag trend
Gucci SS18

Admittedly the bum-bag 2.0 is 100000% chicer than first time round, tightly tied around your waist (rather than low-slung on your non-existent seven-year-old hips) and much more akin to a posh mini handbag than a cheapo nylon pouch in a retina-burning shade of putrid fluro. Ya dig?

bucket hats

Burberry ss18 bucket hat 90s trend
A Burberry Photo Series shot on the South East coast by Rosie Marks

I boldly heralded the return of the bucket hat last summer [see here] but I think they’ll have their true renaissance this summer. I will DEFO be buying one for my travels, after a v sad experience involving a suitcase, a v wide-brimmed straw hat (RIP) and a slightly sunburnt scalp on my last beach break.


Versace 90s logo trend for AW18
Versace AW18

It’s time to wear your logos loud and proud again. If we can’t tell where your bag or top is from with a swift three second glance, you AIN’T DOING IT RIGHT PAL. Also shout-out to Christopher Bailey for reviving the all-over Burberry check. This season’s muse? Think “chic chav” (see main pic, above). Fruit of the Loom and United Colors of Benetton-style slogan sweaters in primary brights are also trending, too. I used to wear a navy Fruit of the Loom jumper to school, with a black Benetton bomber jacket. Man, I wish I’d kept those garms, but WHO KNEW?!

lilac jeans

lilac jeans trend ss18
Lilac jeans both Zara

Having had a brief dalliance with red jeans circa 2007 (wore them to a Kasabian gig at the Royal Albert Hall to endless ribbing from my pals… until Serge walked on stage wearing an identikit pair – LOL!), blue or black jeans have pretty much been my bae for the last decade. UNTIL NOW. I remember owning a lilac pair from Tammy Girl, and as this season’s hottest hue, reckon we’ll see the shade filter through to denim. So fresh for spring!

shell suits

shellsuits trend ss18
L-R: Gucci, Burberry – AW18

Um, you guys, I hate to say it, but… I think the shell suit is dusting off its highly flammable self and making a comeback, some twenty years later after EVERYONE (literally whole families) owned one (in all shades). I’m just mega thankful social media wasn’t a thing then, and that there is v little evidence documenting my collection. Although although although… I ~quite~ like the idea of getting a so-naff-it’s-actually-quite-fucking-amazing zip-up shell suit top to wear as a jacket now so… we shall see.

cycling shorts

cycling shorts trend ss18
L-R: Dolce & Gabbana SS18 + @kimkardashian

Ditto the shell suit news above, the thought of the return of this trend makes me feel slightly uncomfortable, as lycra clinging around your camel toe is somewhat different as a grown woman. And Kim K (not necessarily someone to turn to for style inspo in my humble opinion ANYWAY) doesn’t make a particularly compelling case, but yup. They’re baaaaaack. Although in neutral jersey fabric this time round (not black nylon with go-faster fluro side stripes)

gold jewellery

90s style gold jewellery fashion trend ss18
L-R: @lucywilliams02 | @ropesofholland | @emmahill

There was a time, as a kid, when I’d mostly obtain my jewellery through one of two ways: 1) from special occasions, like a gold crucifix necklace from my Aunt for my First Holy Communion or 2) perusing the pages of the Argos catalogue, saving my pocket money and buying a pair of Elizabeth Duke’s finest gold hoops. Now it seems, ~everyone~ on Instagram is flexing the ol’ layered necklace trend. Sovereign rings reign again (borrow your dad’s) and gold hoops + multiple ear piercings. LOL – someone eyed up the four earrings in my right ear t’other day and asked me if I’d been “Maria Tashed” [see here for info] but nope; I’ve actually had these piercings since the nineties, too.

techno trainers

Barbara Malewicz 90s trainers

I’ve already profiled the resurgence of the Air Max 95 [here] but basically, the chunkier the trainer, the better, this season. Think: Steve Jobs as your muse. Most trainers in the nineties came with pimped-up soles or bouncy cushions or air-bubbles; this season they have ALL of those things, all at once. You want to feel and look like you’re walking on mattresses or something. Just check out @malebitch on Insta for all the coolest kicks inspo you need.


balenciaga scrunchie
Balenciaga SS18

I’ve also dedicated a whole blog post to these beauties [here], because, as I mention in the post: I’VE NEVER STOPPED WEARING HAIR SCRUNCHIES. But, in case you needed an excuse, it’s officially OK to wear your hair atop your head again – in the style you normally reserve for at home, in your pants, watching tele. Yeah.


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