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The bucket hat is BACK for summer

I , for one, am #KEEN

Maybe it’s ‘cos I went to The Stone Roses gig at Wembley Stadium last weekend, but I’ve got bucket hats on the brain (again).

I say ‘again’ because the last time I wore one atop la bonce was around 1997 when I was at V-Festival for the second time (see pic below for incriminating 90s evidence and read about V96 here).

bucket hat 1997

This bucket hat infatuation lasted for a good few years, mind, as I was spotted sporting one in 2000 when I saw (funnily enough) Oasis at Wembley Stadium.

bucket hat Oasis wembley Regular Le Blowers or IRL friends will know that I love me a piece of jaunty head-gear. From lary berets to baker boys, it’s true I’ll give most chapeaus a go.

When I was in Crete last month, I was yearning for a sun-hat that wasn’t so wide-brimmed it cast me in my own shadow, and wasn’t constructed of a fabric so man-made, I’d risk drowning in a pool of my own salty sweat.

That’s when I had a flash-back to the bucket hats I owned in the ’90s. Made of breathable cotton (tick), and easy to fold up into a bag (another plus point because who wants to pay excess baggage on a huge structured hat fer chrissakes?), it’s no wonder this humble head-gear is favoured by fisherman, Oasis fans and, er, my dad.

Although, having said that, the Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring/Summer 2018 collection was sending models down the runway in the cotton caps.


I didn’t snap one up in time for Saturday’s shenanigans, nor did I fancy laying down £3279849728 on official band merch (although I picked up an excellent T-shirt for a tenner from a rogue trader outside the stadium post-gig, not even soz about it), but behold this selection of excellent old-skool buckets I’ve currently got in me (virtual) basket…

Guess who’s gonna be a bucket head this summer? Answer: ME. Still gotta work on that Manc swagger, though…

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