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Fashion flashback // 90s supermodels sure knew how to party in style

Supermodels were waaaay better in the 90s. There, we said it.

Sure, you’ve got Cara Delevingne posting boss-eyed pics on Instagram and Suki Waterhouse dating Bradley Cooper, but back in the 90s supermodels totally ran the world (take that, Beyonce).

Without the likes of Naomi, Linda, Cindy, Christy, Kate and Claudia (yeah, the Supers are so famous we’re on first name terms here) there would quite simply be no ‘Cara’.

Linda Naomi Christy 1989 NYC

And the thing supermodels did best in the 90s? Aside from having the fiercest walks EVER with proper curves (not you though Kate) or launching a chain of Fashion Cafes or going naked instead of wearing fur or appearing in George Michael’s Freedom 90 video?

Fashion Cafe supermodels 90s

Yes, yes, they did all those things. But above all else, Supermodels in the 90s PARTIED LIKE BADASSES.

kate moss and linda evangelista party 90s - supermodels of the 1990s - pictures - leblow.co.uk

Naomi Cambell and other supermodels in a bath in the 90s

They knew how to let their shiny, bouncy, perfectly coiffed hair down. They partied and pouted with aplomb, wearing the coolest clothes with a cigarette in one hand and a brightly coloured cocktail in the other.

kate moss pinstripe blazer partying 90s

They didn’t care if there camera was there. Sure, they could pose up a storm when required, but their main concern was having a good time. They were WILD ONES. Vogue said so.


But the nicest thing of all? They all hung out together. They enjoyed each other’s company both on and off the catwalk.

Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell partying
Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell - see through cami dress - supermodels in the 90s - pictures - leblow.co.uk

They’d go on the most glamorous nights out, smoke like chimneys, dance the night away and drink the bar dry.

Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington partying in the 90sThey’d party with the coolest A-listers.

Naomi Campbell and Madonna

kate moss and johnny depp 1990They’d even party by day.

Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell pool party

No wonder they wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 – they must have been constantly nursing the worst hangovers, EVER.

kate moss in bed with pink hair 90s - supermodels in the 90s - pictures - leblow.co.uk

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