Attempting French chic in a Primark dress

Who knew you could buy a little je ne sais quoi for just £13?

It’s always the way, ain’t it? You get the most compliments about ‘the ‘old thing’ you just threw on, or the item you’ve had in your wardrobe FOR YEARS, or in this case, the cheapo dress you bought on a whim from Primark.

I’ve actually given Primark the swerve lately. Like a love-in gone sour, in a ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ kind of way, I’m trying not to peruse places which (IMO) are supporting fast fashion, and cheap labour… HOWEVER, Primark do have an ethical trading team in place and seem quite keen to dispel this myth so I’ve relented a little recently.

On the day of the dress purchase in question, I’d popped in there to buy a pair of cheapo (ahem) flat shoes to replace the uncomfortable espadrilles I’d bought that morning from Topshop to REPLACE the old espadrilles (keep up) I’d worn that morning but alas, the sole fell off.


Long story short, I ended up leaving with a pair of backless jacquard loafers (v-e-r-y Gucci-esque) AND a pair of perfect denim shorts (perfect because they weren’t a) cut-offs b) bleached denim and c) so arse-cheek baring you could see what I’d had for breakfast.

I addition, I also purchased this fabulous rose print wrap dress for just £13 (although is it just me who thinks that’s expensive for Primark? I remember the days when nothing was over a fiver, lol!).

Like most of Instagram (probably), I’ve been salivating over those delightful Realisation Par dresses and dreaming of fulfilling all my French gal dreams by owning one, then sauntering nonchalantly around the streets of Paris.

However, as I can’t afford to drop £150 on a frock rn (or probably ever), I’ve been looking for an affordable alternative. I can wholeheartedly say, I wasn’t expecting to find it in Primark.


The rose print is perfect – slimming black ground with the red roses sexing it up a bit.

The fabric, despite being 100% viscose, feels like the softest cotton, and I don’t sweat like a toad in it. The cut is super flattering, with a deep V neckline to the front, and a fabric waist-whittling tie.

I’m also appreciative of the fact it’s a ‘faux’ wrap dress, in that it doesn’t actually open all the way out, as it makes me feel less like I’m going to accidentally do a full frontal flash or something.

I usually size up in Primark, but for some reason grabbed a 10 in this style (I think I wanted this dress to be tighter, rather than ‘flappy’ if anything) and I have to say it’s the perfect fit.

I’m 5’9″ and it’s knee-length on me, which could veer on frumpy, were it not for the #SEXUAL split (created by the wrap-over) at the front, giving a flash of thigh when you move (or, if you’re me and wear it on a gusty day, a flash of your front-bottom to the passing traffic. Hiyas).

Inspired by my own ’90s dresses post here, I’ve been wearing mine with Converse and a slick of Heather Shimmer. Maybe a battered denim jacket thrown over the top.

Personally, I think wearing this dress with heels and a red lip is a little predictable; slightly twee, a bit wedding guest – I want to make like Liv Tyler in Stealing Beauty and look like I’ve just thrown it on.

Like Liv, I’d probably go bare-foot if I could. While frolicking through fields of barley during golden hour would just be IDEAL.

Instead, you’ve got me looking pensive in a local laundrette.

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