What’s big in our box // Calvin Harris – Pray to God (ft. Haim)

That Calvin Harris loves a collab, doesn’t he? And has quite the knack for picking the perfect pop accompaniment to his dance tracks. It’s always better when he doesn’t try and sing (though we’ve still got a soft spot for his bar man cameo on Dizzee rascal’s Dance Wiv Me).

Anyway, our Calvin’s only bloody well gone and teamed up with Haim for his latest track Pray to God! Shouldn’t work, but it totally does.

The Haim influence kicks in right from the off with the Stevie Nicks’ Edge of Seventeen-inspired guitar riff. In fact, the whole track smacks of Stevie’s song, with urgent, shouty lyrics with the banging beat eventually kicking in.

Calvin adds his trademark touch with a sprinkling of soaring synths ‘n’ strings and trance-y production, making you want to throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care. While whipping your Haim hair back and forth.

While it’s hardly ground breaking, we’re enjoying the slightly 90s vibes and Haim’s foray into the work of electro dance music. Can’t wait to see the video, as we know the girls aren’t afraid of busting out a choreographed dance move or two. It’s a good job this wasn’t released in the summer, cos we’d definitely have lost or shit in a field somewhere. We’ll just do it at the office Christmas party instead.

Calvin Harris’ forthcoming album, Motion is out on 4th November 2014 and it’s available to stream on iTunes Radio this week.

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