What’s big in our box // First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining

Basically, if you like the sound of Haim, The Pierces and Le Blow faves Say Lou Lou, plus the look of Fleetwood Mac, or possibly even the girls from ABBA, First Aid Kit are the new girl band for you.

Well, we say new, but they’ve actually been around since 2007, when the Swedish sisters (what else, eh?) started composing tunes as teens – and don’t let their rather clinical sounding name put you off. They’re essentially our festival fashion muses for 2014; all floaty shiny tunics and bejewelled beehives, WE DIE.

They’re releasing their THIRD album (where have we been?!) in June, and new single My Silver Lining is a fresh new track served straight from it.

“It’s a song about searching for a reason to keep on keeping on, to find that good that comes with the bad,” say the sisters. “We wanted to create a piece that was dark yet uplifting at the same time.” OOH, HOW… OPPOSITE-Y.

With the distinct tang of a contemporary country classic, My Silver Lining is set to be the soundtrack of our summer – listen below:

The band has also announced UK festival dates at Latitude and Green Man Festivals, with more to be announced imminently.


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