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Interview | Heidi Gosman of luxe swimwear label Heidi Klein

Heidi Gosman launched luxury swimwear label Heidi Klein with her friend and business partner Penny Klein back in 2002, after trying (and failing) to shop for a holiday wardrobe outside of the usual…

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Vix Brearley, we want your job! // The vintage vixen

Vix Brearley, 47 // Full time vintage vixen Vintage Vixen AKA Vix Brearley doesn’t know it (yet) but she’s sort of my idol. And not just beacuse we both have a penchant for…

Lilah Parsons, We Want Your Job

Lilah Parsons, we want your job! // The MTV presenter

Lilah Parsons, 25 // TV presenter slash model slash sometime DJ Lilah Parsons first pinged onto my radar when I was scouting street style at V Festival 2013, and, after gushing over her…


Le Blow needs new writers! // Is it you?

Changes are afoot here at Le Blow. A bit like that time Lucy Robinson from Neighbours turned into a completely different person overnight, we’re giving ourselves a little makeover – and that means…

Jewellery designer Brooke Persich

Brooke Persich, we want your job // The jewellery designer

Brooke Persich, 24 // Jewellery designer Now, you know I’ve got a thing for rings. And skulls. Hellz, there was even a SKULL RING at the top of my Christmas wish-list last year….

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Natalie Bulmer, we want your job! // Features Editor at my-wardrobe.com

Natalie Bulmer, Features Editor at my-wardrobe.com Launched in 2006 by founder Sarah Curran, my-wardrobe.com offers its global customer a beautifully simplified lifestyle shopping edit. From wardrobe staples to investment pieces and a pick…

martha hayes promo pic

Martha Hayes, we want your job! // The Entertainment Editor

Martha Hayes, Marie Claire’s Entertainment Editor The career equivalent of being an ‘It girl’ but actually using your brain; being the Entertainment Editor at a glam glossy like Marie Claire combines all the…

Girl Eats Food

Jo Fuertes-Knight, we want your job // This Girl Eats Food (and writes about music)

Jo Fuertes-Knight // Vice’s Girl Eats Food presenter and editor of music site, Noisey. It’s that old adage uttered by galdem across the world (or rather laydays in US rom-coms): food is better…

Happy Hippy

Sarah Frere, we want your job! // The backstage stylist at V Festival

Sarah Frere, 36 // Set stylist and props buyer If you’ve ever been lucky enough to bag VIP access to a summer festival, you’ll know it’s not just the toilets that (thankfully) look…

Kuben Edwards of Electric Tees

Kuben Edwards, we want your job! // She’s electric: the brains behind a new fashion label

Kuben Edwards, 38 // CEO Blank Slate Inc You may have already clocked London based brand Electric Tees in ASOS’ Green Room. Labelled as an electrifying brand with a conscience, Electric Tees are…

Fluoro Cambridge Satchels

Julie Deane, we want your job! // The Cambridge Satchel Company creator

Julie Deane // The Cambridge Satchel Company creator Starting out at her kitchen table with just £600 to burn, Julie Deane created the Cambridge Satchel Company in 2007 as a way to pay…

Antonia O'Brien WWYJ

Antonia O’Brien, we want your job! // The fashion journalist and TV presenter

Antonia O’Brien, 25 // Fashion journalist and TV presenter The We Want Your Job! section was essentially created so I could quiz inspirational lay-dees carving out exceptional careers for themselves, a) so I…

Olivia Rubin

Olivia Rubin, we want your job! // The British fashion designer

Olivia Rubin, 29 // Fashion designer extraordinaire When I was little I had a hissy fit until my parents caved in and bought me one of those Fashion Wheel thingies (you know, with…


Sian Meades, we want your job! // The Domestic Slut

Sian Meades, 29 // Editor, author and Domestic Slut Sian Meades is Having A Moment. As founding editor of excellent lifestyle site Domestic Sluttery and Wedding Editor for The Times online, with a…


Lindsey Kelk, we want your job! // The best-selling author

Lindsey Kelk, 30 // Author I heart Lindsey Kelk, – do you see what I did there?! Heh. Funny. As best-selling author of the I Heart series and The Single Girl’s To-Do List,…

Front Camera

Poppy Dinsey, we want your job! // The self starting fashion blogger

Poppy Dinsey, 24 // Fashion blogger and entrepreneur When I gave birth to Le Blow, one of the first girls I approached to contribute was Poppy Dinsey. I’d followed her on Twitter for,…

gemma cairney main

Gemma Cairney, we want your job! // The radio and TV presenter

Gemma Cairney, 26 // Radio and TV presenter From fashion styling to radio and TV presenting, Gemma Cairney has the sort of super cool smorgasbord CV that makes our own LinkedIn profiles look…

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